Heng Yang is how to operate the high frequency induction hardening equipment?

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-11-02
Induction hardening equipment instructions: (1) drainage systems: first, a special pump, investigation can outlet flow abnormal, to be able to complete the next step. (2) electricity: remember first knife, again through mechanical front air switch, then open the power switch on the control panel. (3) set: we choose according to need to manipulate form ( Fully automatic, semi-automatic, manual and foot control) , automatic and semi-automatic control should be set up when the heating kung fu, heat preservation and cooling time ( Every effort means less to 0, otherwise unable to abnormal automatic cycle) 。 First use and not once skilled, should choose manual or foot control method. (4) a: before each launch a high frequency quenching is equipped with heating power should be potentiometer just even to low, after waiting for a slow temperature to set the desired power again. Press the launch button to start the machine, heating indicator light on the panel at the moment, an abnormal responsibility with prompt and responsibility synchronous flash lamp. (5) investigation and temperature measurement: in the process of heating time if we use visual method according to the record when to stop heating. There is no record of manipulator, can use the thermostat testing the temperature of the workpiece. 6 suspended: when the temperature reaches begged, press stop button to suspend the heating. Replace the workpiece after again. All landowners shutdown: high frequency quenching with responsibility can even after 24 hours, no responsibility should be shut off when the power switch, long time no responsibility should be closed after the knife or mechanical air switch. To turn it off when first off power after the water supply, and internal heat and mechanical circle of heat. Was high frequency quenching equipment maintenance: duration, in lieu of poor air condition should prevent dust from entering the machine internal, never grams less than there is water splashing into the machine. To keep the water clean, replace regularly. High temperature conditions should keep the air circulation. Pet-name ruby steady hand steady hand: mechanical just don't light responsibility, even more means than long kung fu no-load operation, otherwise, will affect the function of mechanical and volatility. Heng Yang intelligent equipment co. , LTD. , has 10 years working experience of engineers and induction power supply industry research and development team, can according to customer demand design semi-automatic and fully automatic equipment, let we told you how to operate the induction, induction hardening equipment refers to the induction heating equipment for mechanical parts surface quenching. Use of the skin effect of alternating current, adopt the method of induction heating to harden steel parts surface heating and then cooling, can accomplish parts of table and have high hardness, and the center still keep the original toughness. A variety of mechanical parts requirements such as gear, shaft, pin, the crankshaft has such performance. Induction hardening equipment is used for the heat treatment processing. Induction hardening on the surface temperature of the whole equipment in high frequency induction hardening equipment for local heating need to pay attention to the product positioning - medium frequency induction hardening equipment PLC and industrial control computer automatic control of high frequency induction hardening equipment - Servo motor control system for induction hardening equipment - automatically Solve difficult induction hardening equipment - contact and point contact Manufacturer of non-standard customized
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