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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-11-04
Stainless steel annealing production line, that is, dry heating device should be, is the industry engineers to pursue high quality, design and production of a stainless steel annealing equipment. The structure of the new, more can satisfy the customer demand for high quality, high production equipment, upgrade its innovation advantage characteristics, more in line with the green production. Between the domestic and foreign customers of the device have showed strong interest, here to introduce the specific structure of the equipment, advantage and price. A, the structure of the stainless steel annealing production line of stainless steel annealing production line, is a kind of split type structure design, rational layout, mobile convenience, ensure production in the bad environment also can adapt to the production, flexible production mode. The functions are all the induction heating equipment, according to the need can be equipped with automatic feeding system, automatic discharging system, infrared thermometer and other accessories, to provide automation equipment production capacity, reduce the workpiece transport time, improve production efficiency. Second, the stainless steel annealing equipment outstanding advantage performance 1, fission type structure combination design, equipment of small volume, light weight, can adapt to bad production environment, lower investment costs, save money; 2, transportation system driven by frequency converter, the infinite adjustment, transportation is convenient, flexible operation, free; 3, the fuselage material durable material after the heat treatment of welded together, ensure the quality of equipment is solid, reliable and durable, long service life, high value; 4, save electricity, reduce energy consumption, more optimized design, also can work stable in low temperature environment, heat treatment equipment is preferred; 5, set feeding, feeding, heating, cooling, etc as a whole, can form a powerful heat treatment production line, low cost, high income; 6, sealing structure combination, the production of no dust, smooth operation, no noise, fell to a smaller influence on environment. Three, how much is the price of steel annealing furnace? Stainless steel annealing production line price is not a specific value, before buying equipment, must want to know the price of the induction heating equipment and its value, performance, technical content, configuration, choice of manufacturer, purchase form etc, in understanding its price, before choosing favorable stainless steel annealing equipment, must be comprehensive above factors, as much as possible to buy high quality and low price of cost-effective equipment. As for the how much money a induction heating equipment? Heng Yang machinery as a professional manufacturer of stainless steel annealing production line, production equipment with high quality, high yield, and the price, detailed quotation, can inquire heng Yang electrical customer service.
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