Heng Yang induction heating manufacturers May Day busy before shipment

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-11-03
Outbreak hit, it give some industry press the 'pause', but could not prevent the way return to work in all walks of life and production, as will usher in the spring after winter. This is not to return to work soon after the outbreak under control, constant Yang batches have been shipping, before the May Day coming, and there are two cargo shipment needs to send. The bright annealing equipment is the beginning of march received an inquiry from the Internet, customers from the start of the understanding on the net, to the door to see the factory, to product proofing, scheme confirm, quoted price of the contract, the whole process is very smooth. The bright annealing equipment belong to do the calibration, heng Yang production department cooperate with other companies as planned to complete together ( Due to some special parts and control instruments, heng Yang can't production, need special approval documents) , is responsible for the engineer under the projector dissect the direction of the whole equipment design, detail, difficult points, and then each department * published Suggestions and comments, engineering drawing need time feeding needs time, procurement, processing accessories takes time, and the lacquer that bake frame welding need time, need time to installation, debugging program takes time, dredge the entire production process each link, all departments in strict accordance with the production schedule. Another group of Malaysia is a customized 80 high-frequency heating machine, this is the second time the customer purchasing batch machines in heng Yang, 30 equipment procurement is the end of last year, for the first time, in such a short time after purchase, the fan ( Transliteration), Said one of the first machine quality in other manufacturers to buy machines much better than before, so soon after the outbreak of the second purchase. Heng Yang company to ensure that each device can deliver to your customers, and equipment to ensure delivery at the same time, don't forget to quality, occupy the market to a larger share of good products, and continuously expand the market share. New - induction heating equipment Auto parts production and processing new technology of induction heating equipment manufacturers face 'pneumonia outbreak'
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