Heng Yang induction heating equipment factory tutor you how to choose the high frequency heating machine

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-11-03
Heng Yang induction heating equipment factory tutor you how to choose the high frequency heating machine first to clear the high frequency heating machine under the work amount of power frequency electromagnetic coil electric conductor of its thickness is 12 mm commonly, should remember the working frequency of 50 / b0 Hertz, cold deep copper electrical flow layer to 10 mm. So f tube in the induction coil, high-frequency heating machine or with overall extrusion forming of the square section and the water pipe ( D shape cross section) Make it. The past is the way to jilt fine welding, welding material with silver electrical conductor and the square cooling circulation pipes welded together to make complex electrical conductor, such way is not only the price is more expensive and weaker compared with conduit of overall credibility. Using a large and medium-sized CNC lathe the induction coil wound on a shaft neck, ring shape, induction coil, the clean and tidy, are prepared ahead of time to carry out the insulation layer is solved. High frequency heating induction heating machine for sheet metal electromagnetic coil. With the sense of embryo of heating straight ring. With asbestos Su covered a layer of polyester strapping before, then induction electromagnetic coil is installed in the induction coil box, after the connection of water and electricity, concrete pouring fire prevention concrete ten again. Heng Yang - high frequency heating machine company A good impression to potential customers look for a high frequency heating factory of zhejiang home - high frequency heating machine price - - To find the source manufacturers buy real if you want to find a equipment to improve the high frequency heating machine manufacturers
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