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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-11-02
Heng Yang shenzhen high frequency induction heating furnace manufacturers think chemical element composition of elements in the recycled waste ablation harm is very big. Elements of the composition, element and touch the probability of oxygen, the ablation is the greater. In the high frequency induction heating furnace, although the appeal of silicon, manganese and other elements with oxygen than iron, but the first air oxidation is iron. Naturally, the relativity of ablation volume does not necessarily than silicon iron and manganese. When the chemical elements in the average composition of recycled waste, the same in the recycled waste non-ferrous metal with the greater the intake, the ablation is big. Therefore, in the high frequency induction furnace melting as recycled waste ferrosilicon and ferromanganese non-ferrous metals, such as the silicon, manganese composition is not suitable for too much. Shenzhen high frequency induction heating furnace manufacturers metal materials and recycled waste through the large, usually because of melting zone sink, hot metal temperature decrease caused by the chemical elements such as silicon, manganese and iron expand ablation. But such as metal material and recycled waste, too thin, is because of air oxidation area is large, will be more serious in the area of the heated air oxidation. Rao loss, therefore, in order to reduce the air oxidation, and recycled waste of degrees to modest size. In addition, still should make recycled waste, clean, in case due to rust and other reductant and increase the ablation. The harm of coal ash. Most acid alkali furnace charge of high frequency induction heating furnace is made with acid and alkaline ash. Acid in alkaline slag composition high acidic oxides, can merge with alkaline oxide into low melting point of acid salt, to the composition of free alkali oxide in the slag is reduced, thus promote the air oxidation ablation to benefit into alkaline oxide bearing development trend. Within the general acid alkali high frequency induction heating furnace, although the composition of manganese in the molten iron less than silicon, manganese and the appeal of oxygen is smaller than silicon, manganese metal oxide was beginning temperature is lower than silicon carbon recovery, but because of the manganese ablative material is alkali, manganese ablation is usually bigger than silicon. When high frequency induction heating furnace made partial alkaline actual operation, the ablation is bigger than the manganese silicon. Heng Yang shenzhen high frequency induction heating furnace manufacturer has 19 years of work experience induction power supply manufacturing industry experienced technical engineers and r&d department and induction power supply safety of green environmental protection practical operation easily, can blend in changing the production and processing of natural environment, it is not easy to damage, a group, to buy dozens of send one, machinery and equipment can produce repair maintenance, fully show the door-to-door service for free technical specific guidance, processing technology, rapid samples, sample on the day stated in guangdong high frequency furnace nitrogen, carbon composition in the liquid steel continues to decline over time in the high frequency furnace - - enclosed furnace safety and noise, high frequency furnace manufacturer Maintain efficiency in high frequency furnace molten gold molten silver equipment working principle and structure
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