Heng Yang - high frequency heating machine company A good impression to the potential customers

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-11-03
This morning, just start to work, the production of high-frequency heating machine foshan constant young company at the front desk of Betty peng received a telephone, the other is eager that he factory of high frequency heating machine heat suddenly stopped heating. Because Betty peng non-technical staff, after some time Betty peng customer telephone to communicate to the technology department Li Gong. Li Gong and customer zhou added WeChat, Mr Zhou said he the high-frequency heating machine equipment bought for 67 years, because the time is too long and some scratches in the process of production of oily be soiled, machine panels are fuzzy, lost part, after phone really can't find the original manufacturer. Plus he doesn't know where to buy the equipment at the beginning is, then suddenly he get to the Internet to find relevant manufacturer, thinking of the same industry may provide technical assistance. Because most of the principle of high frequency heating machine and production way is very much the same way, and foshan li heng Yang factory workers to help customers solve problems, and Mr Zhou for video guide operation, through a series of screening, detection is high frequency heating machine filter capacitance is burnt out, Li Gong suggested Mr Zhou can looking for the same type of capacitance for online, this kind of capacitor is better to find, the same change is simple, just need to tear open machine to do simple welding, have a certain skill technology can replace electrical and electronics, of course, if not be at ease can purchase, heng Yang factory in foshan because heng Yang factory is specializing in the production of induction heating equipment, high-frequency heating machine is one of its flagship product, its spare parts. Zhou very Gao Xingli workers to help him find out the reason of the high frequency heating machine no heating, and praised Li Gong professionalism, although his equipment is not bought in heng Yang factory, but heng Yang factory Li Gong spare no effort to help him solve the problem of the solution to the production. Mr. Zhou said his company is going to expand production, also need to purchase new equipment, high-frequency heating machine from the service to see him in foshan constant Yang factory has a very good impression, he said later to buy equipment, will choose to foshan heng Yang! Looking for a high frequency heating factory of zhejiang, guangzhou - high-frequency heating machine Energy conservation and environmental protection more dynamic high-frequency heating machine - price - - - - - - - - - - - - To find the source manufacturers buy real if you want to find a high frequency heating equipment perfect machine manufactures high-frequency heating - factory house Production management diversity
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