Heng Yang high frequency brazing machine characteristics is introduced Foshan constant Yang mechanical and electrical company

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-11-03
High frequency brazing machine, high frequency induction brazing machine is current through the welding property to make solder melt until heated to a definite temperature, thus the two kinds of the same material or different materials of metal together is the induction heating equipment. Brazing process of high frequency brazing machine, surface cleaning good workpiece with overlapping type together, put the solder joint clearance or joint clearance between nearby. When the workpiece and heated to slightly above the liquidus temperature of solder in solder, solder melting ( Artifacts not melting) And by means of capillary action by inhalation and fills the gap between solid workpiece, liquid solder and artifacts dissolved metal diffusion, braze welding head cold after suspected.     High frequency brazing machine PMA plasma brazing machine, completely replace the traditional brazing equipment, a new generation of no combustible gas brazing equipment. On the principle of IGBT inverter control, welding, flame is very stable, light and convenient, the whole device is suitable for outdoor welding. Welder welding machine operation is simple, just to understand the people, do not need special training, this product does not need the flammable or explosive gas such as acetylene, safety performance is greatly increased. Only need electricity can, some underdeveloped areas, No oxygen and acetylene, gas, etc. ) Using plasma brazing machine advantage is very obvious. During the welding process, can be directly used to replace the conventional gas flux manually add borax, improve the wettability of brazing and liquidity, in order to reduce the porosity of generation. Improve weld tensile strength, surface without oxidation phenomenon in the process of welding, not black. Don't need to do a pickling, greatly improving the work efficiency.     Second, characteristics of high frequency brazing machine products & emsp;   1, high safety coefficient, no flammable and explosive gas, to the life and property safety protection & emsp;   2, energy conservation, environmental protection, the welding process, do not produce carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other harmful gases, as with electricity, compared with acetylene, gas, oxygen, LPG gas, such as cost is greatly reduced, at least to save thousands of tens of thousands of dollars a month.     3, the efficiency high and low cost: the traditional brazing welding temperature is low, high heat, welding of the high cost of explosion danger. Plasma brazing machine, flame temperature, regulation of welding temperature can reach 2000 degrees, high stability, is the acetylene welding speed of more than two times. Sustainable welding twelve hours.     4, easy to carry, because the host only a few kilograms weight, volume is small, do not need acetylene cylinder, oxygen tanks, very suitable for outdoor or hostile work environment. High frequency brazing machine quality is excellent, humanized design, easy operation, no professional welding workers, after simple training, can use the computer operation, can according to the current state of the processed workpiece, timely, accurate, automatic control, such as through the analog or digital circuit processing, adjust the power and frequency, automatically adjust the heating temperature or depth of components, meet the technological requirements. Induction heating regulation is fine, usually by adjusting the phase shift, the pulse duty ratio to adjust parameters, such as heating power, once the heating temperature according to the requirement of process, because of their negative feedback effect, will be kept in the constant temperature, constant power control. Good temperature uniformity of temperature can be controlled in 1%, improve product quality and qualified rate. Our company produce a series of high frequency brazing machine, stable and reliable quality, is the domestic earlier developed brazing equipment manufacturers, enjoys a good reputation in the industry of home appliance products. New generation high frequency complex base brazing machine will formally this emerging after high frequency brazing technology, combined with high frequency induction heating principle, the home appliance industry medium special equipment of various kinds of welding products. High frequency after bottom video high frequency brazing machine operating site after welding brazing machine heating effect of similar induction brazing of dissimilar metal weld stainless steel brazing method development process and characteristics of brass brazing welding method, how to use the high frequency welding machine welding brazing copper to copper aluminum - Copper aluminum dissimilar metal brazing what matters must pay attention to the high frequency welding machine tool cutting tools brazing furnace welding tool high-frequency heating machine automation heating brazing welding video
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