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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-11-02
Induction heating equipment heating heating speed, production efficiency, less metal workpiece oxidation decarburization, save material and cost for communist and extend the service life of die, etc. Due to the induction heating equipment for electromagnetic induction heating principle, heat from within the workpiece itself, ordinary workers with intermediate frequency electric furnace work ten minutes after heat treatment the task of continuous work, don't need as before as need professional workers for burning furnace and furnace work ahead of time. Due to the induction heating equipment heating speed, oxidation, metal workpiece oxidation burning loss is only 0. Heating oxidation burning loss of 2%, 5%, a gas stove coal furnace reached 3%, induction heating equipment heating process to save material, the material utilization rate is as high as 95% above. Due to the constant Yang electrical medium frequency induction heating equipment unique way of feed heating metal workpiece temperature uniformity, core temperature difference is small. The proportion of induction heating equipment oil heating energy-saving 31. 5% ~ 54. 3%, than the gas heating energy saving 5% ~ 40%. 1 heating quality is good, can reduce the scrap rate. 10% ~ 30% 5%, increase productivity and prolong die life by 10% ~ 15%. Induction heating equipment working environment is superior to traditional heating equipment, workers labor efficiency as well as the company's image also can increase accordingly. Induction heating equipment does not produce pollution, low energy, compared with coal stove induction heating equipment, workers don't have to stand in the hot sun coal stove roasted and smoked, induction heating equipment can meet the indicators of environmental protection department standard more. Inductive heating is more energy saving in electric furnace heating mode of heat from room temperature to 1100 ℃ tons of forging power consumption is less than 360 degrees. Induction heating equipment can also be equipped with far infrared thermometer, connecting the PLC control system to realize automatic temperature control, ensure heating, the heating temperature of workpiece precision to achieve the required temperature, workpiece after hot working performance is guaranteed. Buying induction heating equipment is a professional production manufacturer Shanghai billiton induction heating equipment factory in order to research and development to ensure that always lead a new generation of intelligent purpose and characteristics of induction heating equipment is also induction heating equipment | why prices vary so much heng Yang from ten years of professional production of induction heating equipment | offer you the professional solution heat treatment
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