Henan medium frequency melting furnace - Have different characteristics and features

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-29
Henan of medium frequency melting furnace extrusion processing application material is semi solid die or solid material. Mold material suppress forming under high working pressure. For die material is semi-solid and solid, small thermal conductivity reduces the mold material in the condensation of curl, improves the precision casting specification. Half a slag as a liquid or other state condensation when asked to reduce the pattern material, also enhance the production efficiency. Extrusion processing for manufacturing casting of heavy cross section. Commonly used special extrusion processing of mechanical equipment mixing wax machine. Its basic concept is to use high speed spiral and wax material caused by friction heat and spiral working pressure, the small stone wax polyether die immediately into sticky wax material, for wax injection. Scratch built molding application that watch is liquid mold material, mold material under the atmospheric pressure applications. It is making the surface more complex art, productivity is low. Investment casting with double shell and entity type two kinds of metal mold casting. Double shell with sodium silicate shell, ethyl silicate shell and silica sol shell, solid lines are mainly gypsum and polyphosphate. Because of the commonly used on the raw material is not the same as making art is not the same as medium frequency melting furnace, henan they each have different characteristics and features. According to the survey in the casting defects and waste, about half above is because the metal mold casting due to poor quality, thus, shell making and system processing technology is crucial in all investment casting process of a processing stage. Shell making and system process contains clear refractory insulation materials, configuration, type system of architectural coatings, shell making and dewaxing and burning process. Medium frequency melting furnace factory management scheme to determine the bottom of the economic benefits of high intermediate frequency furnace manufacturing - Customers choose heng Yang medium frequency melting furnace - after shopping around Melt faster, further improve the production of small - medium frequency melting furnace manufacturer Factory site power to investigate how to find a technical professional medium frequency melting furnace manufacturer
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