Heat treatment on the intermediate frequency furnace power choice theory basis

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-18
Heat treatment process using the intermediate frequency furnace, intermediate frequency electric stove, intermediate frequency furnace heat treatment production line at present, it has become so common. But many manufacturers in the intermediate frequency furnace, intermediate frequency electric stove, intermediate frequency furnace on the power of choice is very headache, intermediate frequency furnace power small horse-drawn cart or big mara car often appears. On medium frequency heat treatment furnace power choice theory on the basis of 1 choose intermediate frequency electric furnace, medium frequency heating power density of power supply unit power depends on the heated metal surface to kw/c ㎡ power density value of the calculation for the unit and a heating area in c ㎡, choose according to the heating surface area and its intermediate frequency electric stove power density quenching technology condition and decide, the lower the frequency of intermediate frequency furnace, parts diameter is smaller and the required heat treatment hardening layer depth is shallow, is needed for intermediate frequency electric stove, the greater the power density. Same heated metal workpiece surface hardening layer depth can use different power density and different heating time to achieve. High power density and short heating time is suitable for low frequency; Low power density and longer heating time is suitable for high frequency. Less heat of the heating surface to the core, thermal efficiency is higher; While the latter enhanced heat transfer, thermal efficiency is low. From the perspective of energy saving and workpiece hardening layer transition region not too long two point of view, on the surface of heating of intermediate frequency electric furnace heat treatment of workpiece time not more than 10 s, slightly long is not more than 15 s, special requirements. Modern medium frequency induction heating equipment, quite a part has been equipped with a power monitoring instrument, electricity kw value to control the quenching heating temperature of workpiece and the depth of hardening layer, therefore, according to the required power kw value, set heating time s first, then to calculate the required values to kw. 2, experience method to choose medium frequency heating power density and heating time production practice, according to production practice of existing data, often consider artifacts needed to power frequency and required equipment. Using the appropriate frequency, intermediate frequency furnace heating power and heating. Induction hardening heat treatment of automobile parts, often on the basis of the data, slightly adjusted, new heat treatment process design. 3, computer simulation of selection of intermediate frequency furnace power due to the development of computer simulation technology, computer simulation of intermediate frequency electric furnace heating software are now available that intermediate frequency furnace manufacturers through the simulated process computer simulation experiment, then the frequency and power needed for the equipment, in production process slightly eventually become a stable intermediate frequency furnace heating power parameters. 4, according to the result of accumulation of production test, power density and heating time curve drawing, summarizes the different products of intermediate frequency furnace heating power 5, the same under different frequency and power density sensor and results of the quenching medium frequency furnace under different artifacts, a hardening results under different frequency, power density, 2 illustrates current frequency. 500-5 KHZ is better than 1 KHZ, power 450 kw is better than low power 100 or 200 kw. When power is great, the quenching hardness area than small power is wide. 6, steel heating to the quenching temperature of the carbon steel heating energy consumption to the energy consumption of the quenching temperature, heat hardening layer to quenching temperature required for energy consumption, theoretically pure energy conversion, the energy consumption value is smaller, but as a result of the power system loss, the wastage of the transformer and inductor, heat transfer of artifacts to the core, radiation, etc. , values of energy consumption increases a lot. Part of the metal induction heating theory and the actual energy consumption.
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