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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-28
Hard and soft copper brazing welding thermal profile and advantages if not engaged in related industries, or professional personnel, to know it is very difficult. In life we may be the most common is the time when the air conditioning copper tube is not long enough, need to use when transferring the welding, but usually at the scene of the installation of copper pipe welding basically flame welding brazing, rather than using high frequency welding machine welding brazing of thermal conductivity. The following is a brief introduction of hard and soft copper pipe welding brazing technology and the characteristics of copper wire. A, hard and soft brass brazing welding thermal profile & emsp;   Hard and soft copper pipe welding brazing technology ( CuproBraze) The international copper association dedicated to the auto industry and heavy industry manufacturing heat exchanger and developed a kind of brazing technology, by the Swedish otto's copper belt, the company's marketing implementation. Brazing technology makes the filling material and matrix material, in the form of interface with alloying forming metal connection. Hard and soft copper pipe welding brazing technology application range is very wide, can be used in passenger cars, trucks and construction machinery, air conditioning in everyday life such as radiator, heater, oil cooler, condenser and evaporator, and so on copper, and the welding between the copper, copper and steel brazing, between the same or dissimilar metal weld brazing and so on. So the application field is very wide.     Different with the traditional technique of soldering, brazing technology adopted by the melting point of filler metal is higher than soldering. Therefore, with special research and development of the copper alloy becomes the best choice of the new welding technology. Second, the advantage & emsp;   Hard and soft copper pipe welding brazing technology of a significant advantage is that it allows you to use a thinner fin and radiator pipe material, which makes high strength, corrosion resistance, high reliability and high thermal conductivity of copper and copper alloy. Take advantage of this process and matching coating the needle copper strip, brass and solder paste, able to produce light weight under low cost, high efficiency, strong and compact heat exchanger. Due process dispense with environmentally damaging degreasing process, and the production process without cleaning, and thus does not produce waste water. The harmful material such as gas. In this process of copper radiator, once the discarded, also can be completely recycled, 100% used to produce new radiator again. So, hard and soft copper pipe welding brazing technology is a kind of can not only reduce costs but also protect the environment of new techniques, new technologies. Foshan city heng Yang mechanical and electrical equipment co. , LTD. , is the domestic earlier developed in high frequency induction heating equipment manufacturers, gathered a number of specialized is engaged in the induction heating equipment, senior experts research, design, production manufacturing, sales and service in one of the high-tech private enterprises. Because of the outstanding professional so has a strong r&d team, rich experience, according to the workpiece and the technological customized automation induction heating equipment, free of charge to provide customers with personalized technology solutions. And regions throughout the country more perfect after-sales service system, enabled us to win the trust of many well-known domestic enterprises, experience for them to provide quality products and services, welcome to visit company.
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