Handheld - induction heating equipment Connection can connect the cooling water pipe itself

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-26
Hand-held induction heating devices coaxial output circular column tubular bus duct in difficult to deal with it is water-cooled radiator coaxial line under the condition of the coaxial output bus duct. Choose two between the diameter of the copper tube size set of people, right in the middle with insulation porcelain ring applicable, produce coaxial output power. Hand-held induction heating equipment connecting pipe can connect cooling water itself, outside the tube air-cooled or, of course, on both sides of copper pipe welding cooling circulating water pipe. This type of coaxial output bus duct and a few types of bus duct contrast, before working voltage damage is small, the influence of the bus duct along the peripheral equipment is small, very suitable for long distance transportation communication circuit, and even to transport high frequency electric is traffic. Hand-held induction heating equipment water cable selection manual weaving the soft copper conductor wear on both sides of sealing fabric rubber waterproof casing and flux of cooling water; Is choose hollow galvanizing copper snake tube rubber sleeve of the management, flux of cooling water in drainage systems in cable. When choosing water cable, should be cut to electrical flow deep penetration to the harm of cross section utilization rate, simple to expand the heart line cable diameter may not be enough not only to reasonable use of cross section, and sometimes will cause the network impedance increase. Well worth stressed that no matter what kind of structure of current-carrying electric conductor, try to reduce its phase ( Go back to the line) Ask spacing is to reduce the electric network interference ( Working voltage damage) One of the important. With all sorts of hand-held induction heating equipment bus duct shores, When the frequency is high, be sure to use) The permanent magnetic material production and manufacturing.
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