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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-26
Hand-held host basic full digital power supplies for inductive heating are fully enclosed, dustproof, waterproof, prevent dust, particles into the cause may be conductive, problem such as damaged lines, equipment internal connection do insulation processing copper strip. Hand-held induction heating equipment, heavy current and weak current separation, to avoid interference. Internal use large capacity filter capacitor, filtering performance is better, more stable equipment. Equipment isolation transformer ( Holding a head) , small volume, convenient to move, can achieve the requirements of the specific location or welding, the control system for digital circuit, complete protection, high accuracy, equipment failure rate greatly reduced, more powerful performance. Hand-held induction heating oscillation frequency in the range of 10 - 60 KHZ, within the scope of this all can stable operation, overclocking will automatically alarm protection, alarm reason via text in the LCD display. Intuitive and straightforward. Also have the same equipment, over voltage, over current, lack of phase, water temperature, water pressure and a series of alarm protection! Better let equipment protection, provide convenient for workers to follow-up work! Compared with the traditional analog handheld induction heating equipment, digital induction heating power supply has the following function not available in the simulator. Induction heating machine - Portable handheld operation fixed or portable handheld induction heating machine
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