Gas furnace safety and health work to do

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-14
Gas furnace is an important kind of smelting equipment, fuel gas for gas heating furnace with natural gas, producer gas, blast furnace gas and coke oven gas. The important composition of natural gas of methane and the rest have small amounts of ethane, propane,. coz, Nz and trace of Oz. Inflammable gas methane is a colorless, odorless, mixed with ten times the air became the explosive gas, and air mixed explosive range lower limit is 4%, ceiling is 15%, gas ignition point - 650 The highest temperature is 1950 ℃ 750 ℃, flame, the combustion value of 37800 kj/kg, density is the air density of 0. 5 a 0. 7 times, therefore, the leakage of gas over indoor commonly, but because propane and butane is heavier than air, generally accumulated on the ground and sewer. Gas furnace safety and health work to do (1) to prevent the pipeline leakage. To detect pipeline leakage, can add smelly measures, usually join mercaptan C2H5SH, every 1000 m3 plus 15 kg. But due to accident, the gas will also lose bad smell, so is the best way to shop or have the harmful gas from gas places excessive alarm and local convulsions. At the same time, the possible leakage parts available soap bubbles and the method of pressure test for inspection and formed the relevant inspection system, to prevent the gas accident leakage. (2) start the furnace, should first check the exhauster and fully open the oven door, in order to prevent the formation of explosive mixture gas in the furnace, should be through the low pressure displacement method will transfer line net of the air, with the instrument or the gas is bubbled into water to test whether the gas in the pipeline is up to standard before ignition. (3) burner stop burning, should turn off the gas, and then shut down the air. (4) in some branch pipe burner ( In 1. 5 m height) Should be concatenated two slide valve, one for open circuit, the other one for adjustment. In the two indirect into a tee is used for blowing over and the atmosphere through. (5) on each device in the workplace should have a shut off valve, workshop outside establish a total valve, at a workshop production equipment total gas lead to an exhaust pipe, should be higher than the roof 2 mo 6 gas workers safety education and training, make workers know the gas protection knowledge, the first aid, and the specific operation procedures. All landowners in the presence of gas, maintenance must keep tube gas after certain positive pressure and take good measures.
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