Frequency medium frequency electric furnace equipment unit price

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-19
Intermediate frequency electric furnace equipment unit price how an intermediate frequency electric furnace iron frequency of intermediate frequency electric furnace equipment unit price a: intermediate frequency electric furnace electrical efficiency and high thermal efficiency, short smelting time, save electricity, covers an area of less, low investment, easy to implement process automation and production flexibility. Intermediate frequency electric furnace for melting cast iron, especially suitable for smelting alloy cast iron, nodular cast iron and vermicular cast iron. It also strong adaptability to charge, charge of varieties and available in a wide range of fragmentation. Intermediate frequency electric medium frequency furnace which is the most save electricity a: intermediate frequency electric furnace save electricity, of course. But the actual power factor to see your intermediate frequency furnace, as well as current, voltage, size furnace (whether night The peak valley electricity, cheaper) 。 Reasonable specifications transformer configuration is reasonable, the operation frequency. Depending on how you want to remain on a good, general is very save electricity. The capability of the intermediate frequency quality have been uncovered. Medium frequency electric furnace operation procedures frequency medium frequency electric furnace equipment unit price a: intermediate frequency electric furnace operation procedures: 1, check whether the water drainage systems, the hydraulic pressure gauge is normal, the pipe is leaking. Electric control cabinet of the feed water pressure for 01 mpa, condenser water pressure 008 mpa, furnace feed water pressure for 02 mpa, transformer of the feed water pressure as 01 mpa. 2, water after normal through to protect the tank control power supply first, in the start of transformer. Intermediate frequency furnace is total equipment? A: no, in the national 'special equipment safety supervision regulations' does not include the equipment. 075 intermediate frequency furnace per hour how much electricity a: ideally, 075 kw electric power 075 kw · H 1 hour, or 075 KWH, 075 as the rated power, rated power refers to the power when using electric equipment to work normally. Its value in the rated voltage times the rated current of the appliance. If use the real power of the electric appliance is greater than the rated power, the electrical appliances may be damaged. Actual cases, the electric motor one hour. People know the intermediate frequency electric stove power is how to calculate? A: yes, 250 kw intermediate frequency power supply is the maximum power of 250 kw, intermediate frequency power supply units are usually limited pressure current limiting device, can put the current limit down at about 300 a dc current control. Intermediate frequency furnace frequency reactive compensation intermediate frequency electric furnace equipment unit price a: divine furnace data ( Please visit shekinah furnace query more) : in the face of the domestic large number of intermediate frequency furnace and the urgent need of environmental protection and energy saving a lot of manufacturers and try to do a lot of useful efforts. Some manufacturer use system transient protection class, surge, higher harmonic suppression products of intermediate frequency furnace system, practice shows that the intermediate frequency furnace harmonic content more than 85% for low harmonics. How much is the intermediate frequency electric furnace quenching depth answer: 1, intermediate frequency electric furnace quenching depth is 2 ~ 5 mm. 2, intermediate frequency electric furnace is a kind of power frequency 50 hz alternating current into intermediate frequency ( More than 300 hz - 10000 hz) Power supply device is controlled by frequency conversion device, furnace, furnace before such a few parts. 3, principle: according to the basic principle of electromagnetic induction, the three-phase alternating current into direct current, after rectification power frequency and direct current (dc). How to solve the power of the interference caused by other equipment if furnace module burn a: this is no other way, only is for intermediate frequency furnace equipment dedicated harmonic filter tank with medium frequency furnace, which is known of the most efficient way. Now just began to popular a kind of new products, call device-level filters, if is six pulse intermediate frequency furnace equipment, can choose, the investment is lower, effect is good. Intermediate frequency electric furnace how to calculate the intermediate frequency electric furnace coil weight frequency equipment unit price answer: 1, you must first master the pig iron and scrap steel, foundry return you need to control element in the process of content, such as; C, Si, Mn, S, P, Cr, Cu, Al, zinc, Pb, Ti, etc. , generally type pig iron and scrap steel by spectrometer, back to the furnace charge as a workshop of products should be able to determine the final composition. 2, according to the process of the furnace before the target for the first time. Intermediate frequency electric furnace equipment unit price 15 technical data medium frequency furnace transformer 1600 probably how many degrees of frequency electric a batch of intermediate frequency electric furnace equipment unit price answer: the stove is 1600 kw power? 15 t steel, a batch of more than 900 degrees or so. Intermediate frequency furnace frequency characteristics of the equipment intermediate frequency electric furnace equipment unit price a: low heating speed, high production efficiency, less oxidation decarburization, save material and cost, extend the service life of mould due to the principle of electromagnetic induction medium frequency induction heating, the heat inside the workpiece itself, ordinary workers with intermediate frequency electric furnace to work after ten minutes for the task of forging work continuously, without burning furnace professional workers for burning furnace and furnace work ahead of time. Due to the. How intermediate frequency electric furnace frequency furnace building intermediate frequency electric furnace equipment unit price answer: a crucible mold, put it in the middle of the stove, the mixer good refractory material fill in, vibration and compaction, baking dry open stove power. Intermediate frequency furnace without intermediate frequency voltage frequency is going on intermediate frequency electric furnace equipment unit price answer: there is no intermediate frequency voltage is typical of inverter is not successful, sometimes sound despite the current, dc ammeter also have showed that but no intermediate frequency voltage, electric current as long as a little bigger will over-current protection. So you should check the inverter part emphatically: 1 check whether there is any breakdown on inverter silicon, in 5-1 k file test Between 10 k. 2 check whether there is any breakdown on electricity distressful, general and simple method with 1. Is an intermediate frequency electric furnace for an hour of electricity, please answer: how much how much tonnage, what kind of circuit.
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