Forging heating furnace manufacturer - in sichuan province The composition and difference of the forging furnace

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-25
Sichuan key by furnace, furnace, forging furnace manufacturers auxiliary equipment, refrigeration system and power supply module of the automatic control system domain. Forging heating furnace and the structure of the induction medium frequency quenching furnace or middle difference, the key depends on the furnace and auxiliary equipment. Forging heating furnace of auxiliary equipment mainly tilting furnace equipment. Melting furnace is commonly pillar type ring structure, furnace can dump or rotate, must choose the smelting tilting furnace equipment good liquid metal materials disorderly fall out from the crucible. Tilting furnace equipment can is manual transmission gear organization, organization Dijon type hydraulic transmission system; Some of the melting furnace ( Or holding furnace) Choose vertical structure, furnace body generally can't disorderly fall, with a standard ( Furnace sealing) Or electromagnetic pump directs the furnace molten metal materials. Induction of intermediate frequency furnace and quenching furnace auxiliary equipment mainly transport organization. Sichuan forging heating furnace manufacturer of furnace by the furnace cover, furnace charge ( Crucible) , sensors, magnetic yoke and tighten equipment, etc. Coreless induction medium frequency furnace, especially the structure of quenching furnace unlike melting furnace to be single, its appearance with the main purpose is not the same as for cylindrical, conical, flat to flat, square, etc. For general all works continuously, in order to better of the transportation is convenient, in addition to the part of the response to sensor for furnace side, the other bearing all of knock the dew. Cylindrical medium frequency furnace, for example, the induction and burden is cylindrical and barrel on both sides of the open, easy to access. Forging heating furnace factory, otherwise, even ring, its charge also should be a way of crucible, in order to better improve furnace thermal efficiency, crucible still need to cover the above. The high frequency - forging heating furnace Metal material burden directly affect the intermediate forging heating furnace in jiangxi factory integrity to win the world - hubei forging heating furnace manufacturer Quality control from the source to energy conservation and environmental protection forging heating furnace nature also should be dealt with according to the need to be flexible intermediate forging heating furnace of the salesman to show a kind of forging heating furnace manufacturers - a good brand image Forging heating furnace - the delivery on time Forging heating furnace - environmental protection and energy saving of heating method Suitable for mass production of small and medium-sized enterprises
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