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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-30
Intensify environmental protection equipment production in all walks of life, especially the lifeline of induction heating equipment manufacturers mastery of heat treatment industry, but also spare no effort to invest large sums of money, production and processing all kinds of heating furnace of bar, it's not on the market a new multifunctional round rods annealing furnace is opened a new chapter in environmental protection, make industry equipment model. Multifunctional bar heating furnace, also known as induction heating equipment, is a new type of metal heat treatment equipment, machinable various types of metal artifacts, production according to customer requirements and customized production, annealing furnace of round outstanding advantage is environmental protection, safety, high efficiency, high yield, energy saving, durable, is combined with innovative technology at home and abroad, using the originality of technical design new type of induction heating equipment. 1, breaking the 'traditional', make efficient equipment to break the 'traditional', heng Yang machinery professional and technical personnel, the introduction of foreign technology innovation, pay more attention to the internal coordination, and the collaborative relationship between components, to ensure that the bar heating furnace work more efficiency, spectrum, under the same power, annealing furnace of round energy consumption about 20% ~ 30% lower than the general heat treatment equipment. 2, deepen the 'low carbon', conquer users to deepen the concept of 'low carbon' with environmental protection, the environmental protection, the production capacity, quality unchanged, under the condition of larger chengdu to reduce power consumption; In addition, equipment sealed space design, no dust phenomenon, reduce noise, achieve energy saving production. 3, cling to 'originality', remember to use not durable nature, tightly grasp 'originality', multi-functional steel heat treatment furnace 'plus ca change', and always will be 'durable equipment' as the essence, from material selection, to work, to the factory inspection, layer upon layer audit, fully embody the 'originality' two words, to ensure the quality of annealing furnace of round by spectrum, durability, longer life expectancy than general heat treatment equipment, lower incidence of failure, allows users to purchase and use more rest assured! Bar heating furnace of chapters environmental protection! Want to have more in-depth knowledge of induction heating equipment, welcome to inquire. Intermediate frequency forging heating furnace in metal forging forging heating furnace profile - have more advantages How to choose the intermediate frequency furnace guangdong frequency characteristics of forging heating furnace equipment igbt medium frequency power supply | intermediate forging furnace equipment
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