Even in the summer heat of high frequency induction heating equipment shipment script

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-24
Summer, the weather is still hot in guangdong, ice after leaving the refrigerator embrace, rapid melting, the hot dog days let all indoor air send out a vest in the summer heat. The installation of the production workshop workers, sweat from his forehead cheeks gradually drop, like covers in food steamers in through. The temperature even more heat, however, could not stop the mood of the outbreak of the heart, with a foothold in shijie customers in foshan, recently in our here to place an order for 20 high frequency induction heating equipment, in yesterday has already come out, a good thing, is then a chain of moments of criticism. High frequency induction heating equipment, also known as induction heating equipment or induction heating power supply, as the key to automatic induction heating equipment, it is automatic induction heating equipment to produce electricity. In addition the performance parameters of high frequency induction heating equipment is induction heating equipment is excellent, technical is the key to the development trend of damage and contain heating. And key household appliances of induction heating power supply is the power engineering semiconductor material power electronic devices, power engineering of semiconductor components manufacturing level ( Output volume, output power, failure rate, consumption, etc. ) Decisions of the induction heating power supply technical strength. Semiconductor material power electronic devices in this whole sets of induction heating equipment use value is generally not easy to exceed 20% ~ 30%, but the total amount of all the equipment, quality, specifications and technical expertise, but plays a particularly important effect. Whether it is the key of the induction heating power supply is still all a components, under the condition of constant young people to assemble fraction is afraid of distraction, it is associated with the reputation of the enterprise and user evaluation, crucially, no inconvenience to the customer, this is the key important. Therefore, in view of the enterprise production equipment, the result is not mainly depends on the quality, only in the production of each process, one step at a time to complete, therefore, heng Yang can be based on induction heating industry in ten years, because we know the customer's satisfactory, is we have to use value and reason. Thank you all for heng Yang customers new and old customers and dealers. High frequency induction heating equipment is widely used for extrusion forming blank - henan high frequency induction heating equipment manufacturer Application of refractory insulation materials processing seamless steel tube bending high frequency induction heating equipment and energy saving province electricity - high frequency induction heating equipment The output power of rectifier oscillators - high frequency induction heating equipment - induction coil voltage regulator for high frequency induction heating equipment Free collocation with use
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