Environmental protection and energy saving intermediate frequency furnace

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-11-01
Environmental protection and energy saving in terms of intermediate frequency furnace forging from essentially is a kind of refractory clay as the admixture of entity linear investment casting method. Type system of the processing technology of the whole process is, first clear mixture of refractory clay slurry, then configure refractory slurry and mud grouting system. Type of refractory clay slurry preparation refractory mortar is refractory mortar admixture, add other refractory insulation materials made with people commonly quartz silty sand. This is because the refractory mortar in the whole process of heating, can cause a lot of volume curl, and quartz, silty sand could do a lot of volume in the whole process of heating peng, can alleviate or avoid the mutual influence of both type refractory mortar in the burning process of crack rise. Type is two kinds of common refractory mortar secret recipe, diatom mud and the type is used to improve refractory mortar permeability, but the effect is limited. In environmental protection and energy saving type medium frequency furnace refractory mortar secret recipe of raw water and refractory mortar accounted for more than one warbler phase, than what the changes will cause the metal mold casting properties and compressive strength of the shift. Water flow more refractory mud slurry dilute, liquidity is good but the compressive strength and the strength of metal mold casting; Water flow is less liquidity is not very good, the surface is not smooth. So water flow can be according to the appearance of size, complexity, to actually clear. Refractory mud slurry configuration and the whole process configuration of slurry should possess excellent filling, especially bubble, and refractory clay slurry configuration can be carried out under vacuum pump vacuum value choice for, mixing speed than the mixing time. After the slurry mixing should be irrigation, irrigation and micro vibration generally grouting time in seconds. Environmental protection and energy saving type medium frequency furnace refractory mortar condenses to wax off should be placed before, after sufficient can facilitate the refractory mortar type frame. But not suitable for placed too long, make the type refractory mortar too dry mania, or in the whole process of wax off more easily cracked. Aluminum phosphate binder material Ji system processing material aluminum phosphate binder in the 1970 s have to forging manufacturing abroad, in recent years, China has begun to the study of these applications. YingDeHua aluminum phosphate material as a binder to room temperature, room temperature compressive strength and high temperature compressive strength is higher, and the stains divergence is good too. Aluminum phosphate binder material can match with a variety of refractory insulation materials, to consider the aluminum alloy steel, cast iron, non-ferrous plate and high temperature box of forging. Aluminum phosphate binder used for investment casting, its system of processing technology and refractory mortar system has much in common. Intermediate frequency furnace - Thermal shock thermal stress medium frequency furnace where some sell | how much is a set of intermediate frequency furnace characteristics and safety rules introduced in induction heating if furnace, melting, forging the distinctive features of the advantages of intermediate frequency furnace and main use in detail
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