Dual-frequency gear quenching and the production line

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-25
The latest dual-band heating method called synchronous dual frequency heating method, referred to as 'SDF method, at present is mainly used for imitation tooth profile gear quenching. It is the essence of the two different frequency current leads to a sensor at the same time, the gear heated at the same time, medium frequency heating tooth groove, high frequency heating addendum. Double-frequency gear quenching production line TOCCO companies in the United States for a driver factory design and manufacture of an internal gear and star gear double-frequency induction quenching production line, the points above are as follows: 1. Internal gear induction hardening gear in this line every time to unload a, by sticking two cylinder manipulation. When the workpiece is No. 1 loading position, a proximity switch action, make the pneumatic reciprocation to push rod workpiece quenching station, the station has a variable speed servo drive and vertical scanning bracket, arrive gear quenching location, the other a proximity switch action, so the vertical scanner from the internal gear on the reciprocating lever will be held, and put the workpiece on the sensor the directional position below, there are two proximity switch used for special orientation instructions, if the wrong position, artifacts returned to the reciprocating lever, so that the loading again. Dislocation 1 s, the machine stopped running, at the same time, a diagnostic screen instructs the work piece is not hardening station. If internal gear positioning correctly, accepted by artifacts directional location, scanning mechanism will put it into the sensor. Once the sensors located on the internal gear, intermediate frequency power supply to start heating, workpiece rotate, scanning structure parts fall at the same time, make the sensor scans and preheating length of the internal gear, figure 1 for internal gear medium frequency preheating, high frequency scanning quenching. Figure 1 internal gear medium frequency preheating, high frequency scanning quenching signal, after the completion of medium frequency preheating scanning locator to rise back to its original position, turn the power switch receives high frequency power supply, workpiece rotate falling again, will be preheated gear, using the high frequency scan and quenching. Internal gear descended to the reciprocating lever after quenching, reciprocating lever push workpiece to tempering stage, its positioning signal action with quenching location is the same. Tempering is a heating mode, tempering when the workpiece is rotating, tempering smaller power, is the time between the gear of high frequency quenching. Tempering process, after the completion of the gear to the reciprocating lever, into the cooling station, by spray head cold to load and unload temperature, then the workpiece by sorting station ( Qualified or winkles) 。 Picking is determined by many detection device, if the internal gear is sure winkles, is in the side of a pneumatic unloading rod will be the gear drive horizontally, and slip into picking discharging box, if the gear is qualified to the container. 2. Star gear quenching and tempering the quenching action similar to internal gear quenching machine tool and workpiece is a heated in the sensors, as shown in figure 2. Medium frequency preheating and the high frequency heating, artifacts are rotating, high frequency heating, quenching liquid spray from the combined sensor. Due to the structure characteristics of the sun gear, before it enters the tempering location, must be attached to the rid of quenching liquid. Light jitter workstation has an artifact will star wheel in order to show 110 ° Angle, and jitter, will be attached to the quenching liquid out. Tempering process using the intermediate frequency and high frequency heating time of the gear is stage, tempering, also turning workpiece, then after tempering gear into the cooling station, spray cooling, gently shake again, in addition to water into the inspection station, qualified and eliminate separation. This production line has two 100 kw, 10 KHZ frequency solid state power source, a used for internal gear, the other is used for star gear, high frequency power supply is 200 kw, 450 KHZ. 3. Instrumentation and control scanning speed, the heating cycle and quenching cooling by programmable controller ( 莫迪康984) Control, and input and output CARDS, program design, 480古尔德) , servo controller, 410古尔德) D。 C。 The motor controller to control the workpiece rotation speed. Servo controller to control the scanning speed, the screen display fault fault diagnosis, the real energy energy monitor, quenching, tempering sensors have grounding protection. If the artifacts and collision sensors, fault will display on the screen, machine will stop working. 4. Water cooling system cooling system by the stainless steel water pump, heat exchanger, float switch, temperature monitor, automatic temperature control valve, etc. Source: the metal processing ( Hot working) 》
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