Drill pipe heating in winter antifreeze - with induction heating equipment Foshan constant Yang mechanical and electrical company

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-01
In 2019 ushered in the cold winter, we add clothes not only to prevent the common cold, even the induction heating equipment is also a problem of season! Because of the low winter temperatures, heating equipment such as drill pipe after a day's work, do not rule out the water in time, will be frozen, this will affect the service life of equipment, increase the cost of production. Drill pipe concrete winter heating equipment specific protective measures mainly has: one, to keep for normally open flow state of water circulating pump and various anti-freezing measures such as pipeline heat preservation heat tracing in place, such as water pumps do not keep it always open, but every day after work, will first stop the water in the pipe heating furnace after, be sure to blow out the water spray water inside, to prevent freezing. The performance characteristics of drill pipe heating equipment: 1. Medium frequency power supply system, electrical system of continuous running, nitrogen protection system, cooling system, electric control system integration design. 2. Digital precision control ( Basic is 5 piece of control) , to realize the heating section, each period of heating time down to zero. 1 second. 3. With door type ring sensors, sensor and fixed installation, can be continuous and reliable heating. 4. Adopting motor control roller conveyer, speed adjustable, the workpiece is accurate device, to ensure the accurate size, table is made of stainless steel mesa material, not for induction heating and cause temperature rise. 5. Positioning jig have nitrogen protection device, and size can be adjusted through flow control switch the nitrogen flow. 6. Control system has alarm device, equipment failure alarm in a timely manner, and on the device display and store error information automatically, and alarm information can query.
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