Detection of intermediate frequency furnace insulation six steps

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-19
Due to water cooling medium frequency furnace, once the post-cooling water, the insulation resistance is very low, so has not been particularly effective method to measure, and can only measure the normal value as a data save, failure measured again after comparing to find possible problems. Small make up today about detection of medium frequency melting furnace insulation six steps! Detection of intermediate frequency furnace insulation six step one, check the rectifier and inverter in digital multimeter 2008 gears thyristor anode, cathode resistor and the control and the medium frequency melting furnace cathode resistance ( But don't have to be unloaded to measure from ark, pipe radiator still have cooling water) 。 Positive to the resistance of the anode and cathode are control pole and the cathode resistance value is 10 ~ 508. In addition, should check whether the fuse fusing. Second, the observation of intermediate frequency incase of four small table indicating value is normal. Voltmeter v, 30 of rectifier control rectifier pulse current meter 130 ~ 150 ma, 12 v inverter control voltmeter, inverter pulse current meter 100 ~ 120 ma. If the values within the normal range, then prove the power part no problem. Third, put the switch SA check file, medium frequency melting furnace with oscilloscope waveform of the rectifier and inverter trigger pulse examination, check whether the amplitude and time interval is normal. Among them, for the double pulse rectifier trigger pulse, time interval is 3. 33ms; Inverter trigger for continuous pulse train, amplitude is commonly 4 to 6 v. Pulse and tidy, no burr. Check the order from the thyristor control to the pulse transformer, and then to the rectifier board and the inverter board. 4, check the rectifier board is normal. Can remove the inverter board, switch in check. Press the start button, turn the power potentiometer, see if we can transfer to about 500 v, dc voltage to transfer to 500 v, if the voltage is proved rectifier board is normal. Five, check the magnetic resistance R6 have burn out and the low pass filter without break line. 6, check the intermediate frequency electric furnace capacitor charging circuit in the circuit. Still remove the inverter board and through to check the file, after the start button press quenching equipment voltage on both ends of the capacitor is measured with a multimeter cf, if can reach about 500 v, the startup capacitor charging circuit is normal.
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