Design must be noticed when melting furnace volume

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-08
Melting furnace heating function in the casting of aluminium alloy smelting is a key ring, related to the heating capacity, metal loss and energy consumption, etc. Main consideration when the design content includes: one is according to the size of the amount of assembly furnace and furnace molten pool capacity of width to height ratio ( L1/W/H) , to determine the amount of gas burner and the gas flow; 2 it is to use gas remaining heat preheating combustion-supporting wind technology or more oxygen combustion technology, effectively reduce the energy consumption is the use of heating automatic control technology and non-contact electromagnetic stirring technique. When design furnace charge need to pay attention to the following: (1) electrolytic aluminium liquid full package supply, can shorten the time for aluminum, to improve the use efficiency of aluminum package; (2) using the model 1 to 1, smelting production beat should be lower than casting production to guarantee the continuous casting, if less than 20%, the casting machine need to increase capacity, improve production efficiency; (3) the overall production efficiency didn't play, you may need to upgrading, shorten the production rhythm, improve production efficiency. (4) design of melting furnace capacity, should also be considered when the furnace for overhaul capacity adjustment scope. 1 and reasonable configuration design of casting aluminum alloy melting furnace can make the efficiency of casting production more efficient. 2, according to actual production situation of melting furnace and other equipment upgrading and maintenance effectively, improves the using performance, reduce the cost. 3, electrolytic aluminium liquid directly using the determination of aluminium melting furnace efficient furnace sets based primarily on the follow-up production supporting pouring machine capacity, horse on melting furnace production rhythm. Concerned about product quality and production cost, generally every furnace aluminum alloy liquid preparation to control within 2 ~ 4 h after qualified casting forming, which needs to form a complete set of production line to make a choice, is to choose 1 to 1 to 1 single or 2 to 1 on 1 single wire, the key to determine the need to make the Numbers of melting furnace.
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