Copper melting furnace - Full - automatic protection system Foshan constant Yang mechanical and electrical company

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-28
Add the cure furnace smelting of raw materials, fuel and auxiliary material needs to have special industrial workshop or warehouse, no industrial workshop or warehouse must have other waterproof waterproof, moisture-proof measures. Copper melting furnace should configure the key processing technology of main parameters of measuring equipment, measurement data transmission to the automatic control system for industrial control automation, should be in the state of the furnace wall red contingency equipment; Emergency should be air-cooled or other emergency preplan furnace wall temperature detection alarm equipment. Copper melting furnace smelting in copper smelting furnaces cooling system must be configured emergency reserve pump. Promote copper melting furnace wall inspection, observation is there red conditions; Attention to heat preservation brick heat resistance temperature change status and make records; Adjust processing manipulation, moderately reduce slag type manipulation, conducive to hang slag furnace wall. Adapted to the position of the furnace body soften axial fan forced cooling. Good control coal ash with magnet and the temperature of welding pool. Copper melting furnace equipment copper melting furnace furnace life is burden material, the way to cure the essential elements, the actual operation level of comprehensive. The damage principle of selection of furnace charge, copper melting furnace burden refractory insulation materials by the effect of in-situ stress in the application process. In-situ stress can according to the organic chemistry, thermodynamics and machine elements such as effect on the charge.
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