Composition and performance characteristics of horizontal automatic quenching nc machine tools

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-11-27
Horizontal quenching nc machine tool automation choose selection of aluminum shell, high automation level, two-story precision work station, the equipment work station of bedside move choose ball screw transmission system, servo motor drive, moving rate and infinitely adjustable, rotating parts choose dc variable frequency variable speed control, speed and infinitely adjustable. Parts clamping length can dynamic adjustment, in order to blend in quenching parts length change, is conducive to adjust, nc machine tools to complete automatic control system, can store 20 kinds of parts technological process. Horizontal numerical control lathe numerical control processing technology, have connection, in addition, according to the period of connector, according to the period of another, such as quenching effect, can be equipped with the integration of quenching liquid circulation system refrigeration system; The nc machine tools have actual operation and manual type automatic type practical function, numerical control machine and PLC and dc variable frequency variable speed system software products complete workpiece precision positioning, scanners, and according to the PLC and the power supply network, complete the automatic production, apply to the parts and parts of mass production and manufacturing, general used for shaft parts, sets, pin, transmission gear parts, such as induction hardening; Your satisfactory is everyone's pursuit of perfection! Warm welcome to numerous companies, customers, and customers to contact with you, heng Yang industrial equipment co. , LTD will be guided with the goods, show the service for the customer projects for the purpose of the service, striven to serve you! Guangdong foshan high frequency quenching machine can realize PLC automatic quenching machine tool CNC automatic quenching equipment zhejiang the relativity of quenching liquid density horizontal quenching nc machine tool automation use must pay attention to what problem? The principle of induction heating quenching machine and automatic quenching machine tool have to differ
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