Compared with combustion furnace of induction heating furnace of hunan

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-11-01
Hunan induction heater manufacturer of induction heating furnace and the combustion furnace of contrast until so far, old-fashioned combustion furnace for induction heating furnace manufacturer in hunan province project investment is lower, so it is still an have the temptation to adopt one of the heating mode, and the cloth before petrol and diesel and natural gas costs low, the necessity of it can still be rival in heritage induction heating furnace. Because of fuel costs is not smooth, so the cost compared to is in gauge curtilage the actual equipment and auspicious, but in addition to basic project investment detailed see side real flow field, and give full consideration to other specific circumstances, this also is a very worthy of mushroom as from beginning to end. Slab needs in the induction furnace heating time than it needs in the combustion furnace heating time much shorter. So that a short heating time is beneficial to reduce the scale of the cause. In heating furnace, the scale of typicality for 3 ~ 4 t, if choose electric heating make it down to 05 bask in. Scale pieces will cause the die to speed up the damage. Because set up the light reactant in heating zone, then reasonably from the cast iron air oxidation and our carbon, so hunan factory according to this kind of induction heating furnace heating quickly clean the slab can be obtained. Heard that actinium and alloy steel with high carbon steel of gv 10 gold high speed surface caused by the raw materials to take off the sulfonated in weight 5 and can do. This kind of carburized layer must remove from the goods, this can make the cost of raw materials and processing the remaining quantity two aspects of the problem. Closely integrated with excellent induction heating process of high-temperature short time heating can make spring steel and alloy steel is the level of carburizing category, of board surface not to actinium surface for mechanical processing and manufacturing. How much price of medium frequency induction heating furnace medium frequency induction heating furnace and how much will it cost? Which is cheap? Quality of induction heating furnace which manufacturer is medium frequency induction furnace applications - induction heating furnace The development prospect of the independent innovation ability
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