CNC - quenching machine tool equipment Heating layer is well-balanced

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-25
Kingpin caster Angle polygon sensor CNC quenching machine tool equipment schematic structure polygon sensor to parts of heating is to use dual electromagnetic fields, the vertical electric discharge on the reasonable electrical conductor good manipulation of the electromagnetic field generated by electric flow towards, prompted the current strength in a reasonable length of electrical conductor is the same, and tropical heating of parts surface finish single pulse heating, namely each position on the parts heating layer is symmetrical, and the other to do quenching temperature by the rules. Refrigeration parts surface was successively spray cooling circulation system, prompted position most of the other cold to austenitic temperature change, is beneficial to the reliability of the austenite. Thus quenching quality. After the application of new technology and new process, unconscious of quenching crack shows kingpin caster Angle by the polygon CNC quenching machine tool equipment after the fire, can reasonably prevent quenching cracks. Heating condition is advantageous to the observation, control and adjust the temperature immediately accurate measurement can be carried out conveniently. Parts quenching is carried out by the original 2 times into a, to prevent the repeated practice of output per hour is the ascent to 90 pieces, productivity promoted, and relieves the labor efficiency. Bulk, heating time is decreased by the original. Can see two regions nearby YingDeHua spacing material selection in detail according to the intermediate frequency induction furnace, the small spacing of 20 mm of two YingDeHua area, or near the tensile stress in the area is too large, in ground stress and welding stress under the comprehensive efficacy, produce lived in play slot department have very the in-situ stress situation of the risk, when the tensile stress peak achieve or exceed the elongation at break of raw materials, it can cause crack here, reduce fatigue limit the kingpin caster Angle is to choose the original processing technology after quenching cracks caused by the key elements. Choose a general quenching way, is good to prevent this kind of situation. High frequency generator has emerged to replace on international, good industrial production in China has been generally choose thyristor (GuanJing high frequency power supply, thyristor (GuanJing high frequency power supply is using thyristor power supply switch characteristics of direct current flow into the high frequency electric flow of a switching power supply equipment. Small make up the thyristor (GuanJing enterprises choose high frequency power supply, and the use of sensor fusion polygon to the kingpin caster Angle to carry out the numerical control processing technology of quenching machine tool equipment adjustment, obtained the good actual effect. Medium frequency induction quenching machine tool - Induction quenching machine tool equipment design reasonable half shaft quenching process
are important in ensuring induction heating furnace for forging, and the machine is utilised by everyone from aluminium shell furnace to steel continuous casting machine.
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