Clinical tools can be used in induction heating quenching equipment

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-31
Induction heating equipment available to the category of common, such as welding, smelting, annealing, hardening, forging. Net want to tell everyone is quenching, quenching is the metallic materials or non-metallic materials products are heated to a temperature of workpiece, then suddenly immersed in water or oil makes the refrigeration, to increase the hardness, now all areas by annealing process of modified treatment weeken the too many cases, net weaving tell everyone about clinical medicine can be used in induction heating quenching equipment; Clinical medicine commonly used equipment are all very clever, in manufacturing this kind of equipment are all use high current frequency of induction heating and tempering treatment, such as surgical blade parts quenching, stainless steel plate made of surgical blades, the blade must be conditioning treatment annealing process, must be professional design scheme of induction electromagnetic coil, induction electromagnetic coil is 4 spiral coils, induction heating quenching operation when the blade edge should be in middle induction electromagnetic coil, namely in surgical blade on both sides of two induction coils electromagnetic coil, according to the requirement to surgical blade mouth edge position heated to the required temperature, to achieve the goal. Daily are some illness, hospitalization, surgery, surgery natural essential surgical blade, our factory heng Yang machinery specializing in the production of manufacture induction heating equipment, manufacturing equipment can be used in many products on the workpiece, surgical blade is the one of them, but the network editor here or wish everyone health peace, healthy and happy is not easy using surgical blades. Constant uplift belt you know, induction heating quenching equipment source of heating induction heating quenching equipment according to your demand customized heng Yang - Remind you induction heating quenching equipment choice suits own induction heating quenching equipment independent innovation and technical
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