Choose portable induction heating equipment Environmental protection and energy saving effect is obvious

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-22
Portable induction heating equipment selection of extensive gradually, nearly ten years to get fast development. Its power and frequency is more and more high, control of intelligent system of professional capacity, reliability index continues to increase, and the interior of the power transformer equipment tend to be compact structure and parametric design. At present, SCR, IGBT, MOSFET solid triode power transformer has reached dozens of, the goods specifications completely, weight is lighter, electric energy conversion power 92%, power, frequency, that covers all aspects of electromagnetic induction heating. In recent years have also developed gas maintenance, industrial electricity induction induction heating equipment castings surface mass of new material and magnetic induction spray welding. Portable induction heating equipment electromagnetic induction heating professional ability includes raw materials, metal surface solutions, industrial equipment, electrical equipment, such as electromagnetic induction sensor, electronic components, computer use a lot of discipline, is a multidisciplinary choose professional ability. Portable induction heating equipment for the continuous heating of stainless steel rod, and selected for production and manufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection effect is remarkable. For many years, the factory has always been closely around mechanical equipment efficiency and energy conservation and environmental protection, and the output power of mechanical equipment to make sustainable growth trends, factory strict specification in accordance with the national electric equipment work. From the portable induction heating equipment design to production and manufacturing process development in the process of all control and search; Very is electrical components, selects the famous manufacturer of high quality goods in our country, to ensure quality and life of the equipment. - induction heating equipment Inverter power supply important series induction heating equipment Electromagnetic heating is different from ignition - solid-state induction heating equipment IBTG series resonance method and parallel resonant inverter induction heating equipment Coupling effect - heating well-balanced induction heating equipment Material size and material decision power
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