Chongqing mid-frequency small furnace manufacturers

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-02
Chongqing constant Yang mid-frequency small furnace manufacturers in various oxygen sufficient ventilation way, co2 continuously sent and interrupt sent, but in order to reduce co2 usage, interrupt more oxygen. For example, the early stage of the furnace or stop halfway open again after the wind, the wind at this time the temperature control is low or liquid iron temperature is low, can choose sufficient oxygen exhaust. Plus oxygen concentration is commonly 2% ~ 4%, and 1% for actual effect also is to have, but too little oxygen concentration effect was not significant, too much furnace condition is not stable, and economic science. The co2 content in general. Heng Yang chongqing mid-frequency small furnace manufacturers have production training, exhaust environmental humidity on melting furnace smelting process is the key. Immediately when choosing air blower, a lot of water vapor were brought inside the furnace, the furnace heat process and the whole process of metallurgy industry will be caused by the following: (1) water vapor with red coke, into a blast furnace gas. (2) the water vapor in the melting furnace for many elements are chemistry, reflect. Heng Yang chongqing mid-frequency small furnace manufacturers reaction as a result, not only improved the elements ablation, and the hydrogen content in molten iron is increased. Iron liquid hydrogen content increasing, the liquid iron quality of malignant transformation, graphitization, chilling tendency of expansion, very easy to cause shrinkage, shortcomings and so on air flow and cracks. Fujian small manufacturer - melting furnace Equipment service life is long - small furnace production manufacturer - - Find strength factory after-sales guaranteed small furnace by inductance coil, oven rack and recycled waste ( Crucible collapse) Small furnace - Must select good famous brand small furnace melting - Electromagnetic stirring effect is better
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