Cars patterned constant speed universal joint induction heat treatment process is briefly Foshan constant Yang mechanical and electrical company

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-29
Why do car universal joint need to heat treatment? Engine front, front-wheel drive cars more taken now in the overall layout, the front wheel is a steering wheel and driving wheel. As the steering wheel, it can within the scope of the maximum Angle of a certain rotary Angle of arbitrary; As a driving wheel, insist on the drive shaft deflection under the wheels and wheel relative to the final drive moves up and down in the process, the uninterrupted power from the main reducer to drive wheels. As a result, the drive shaft can not be made whole and to segment, and with a universal joint connection, in order to meet the needs of the drive shaft paragraphs of changes when driving. In order to ensure the uniform angular velocity change on both ends of the drive shaft, the universal joint must be able to realize the constant speed drive, namely patterned constant speed universal joint ( CVJ) 。 Due to the front wheels are mostly of modern car adopts independent suspension, near the differential and near the wheels all needs to have a constant velocity universal joint, its function is to pass through the transmission of engine torque evenly to the drive wheels, at the same time also to meet due to wheel hop axial expansion and turned to the requirements. The characteristics of the induction heat treatment: 1, the induction quenching process to decrease the deformation and hardening, artifacts because not whole heating, little deformation. 2, artifacts, short heating time, the surface oxidation decarburization quantity is little. 3, high surface hardness, small notch sensitivity, impact toughness, fatigue strength and wear resistance are greatly improved. Conducive to play the potential of materials, material consumption saving, improve the service life of the parts. 4, the craft is reproducible, namely the repeatability and consistency. 5, easy to implement local quenching ( For big parts) 。 6, the equipment is compact, easy to use, good working conditions. 7, easy to mechanization and automation. The induction heating process was divided into three parts: power frequency current into alternating current an alternating current produces an alternating magnetic field to produce alternating magnetic field eddy current heating effect. Foshan constant Yang machinery factory specializing in the r&d and production of various types of steel conditioning equipment, steel heat treatment furnace, steel conditioning equipment, steel tube heat treatment furnace, such as induction heat treatment equipment, advanced technology, quality induction heating equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection. High frequency induction heating machine, metal processing and heat treatment is the ideal choice for induction heating heat treatment furnace the heat treatment of common quality problems and causes the types and features of the basic knowledge of material heat treatment engineer necessary heat treatment valve heat treatment is an important technology of intermediate frequency electric heating valve standard quality continuous annealing furnace structure and function of pipe heat treatment process the gear shaft heat treatment equipment manufacturer what types surface quenching heat treatment process
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