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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-30
Billet after billet heating furnace heat treatment equipment heating, the billet surface because of the influence of diazotization reaction of 1. About 5%. Assembly of steel rolling workshop in regenerative heating furnace heating energy saving and emission reduction is still flawed; After pulling away from billet steel continuous casting machine, 700 - in front of the cooling bed The temperature of 900 ℃, billet heat of vaporization has not been widely used. Billet heating furnace billet heating furnace application principle of induction heating equipment, is the direct current (dc) 50 hz ac voltage into a high frequency power transformer industry equipment. For example, put a metal composite cylindrical have replacement transformation of high frequency electromagnetic induction coil current value, with no metal composite cylinder billet heating furnace electromagnetic coil immediately touched, plug wire electromagnetic coil itself has very low temperature, but the cylindrical surface is warming to redness, and even melt, and the redness and melting frequency size and need to regulate the speed of the current value of high and low can be carried out. If heng Yang billet heating furnace cylinder into the billet heating furnace base magnet coil, then the temperature surrounding the cylinder is the same, cylindrical heating and melting also caused no pests, light pollution. In the electromagnetic induction coil of the high relative density of magnetic induction lines, and laser cutting in the electromagnetic induction coil array of composite material, cause a lot of eddy current in the composite material. Complete functions of billet heating billet online - forging heating furnace annealing common problems and solving method Temperature control precision: + / - 1 ℃ - induction heating furnace Prospects - aluminum forging heating furnace in the country's capacity for independent innovation Forging heating furnace for heating temperature demanding - Huge development space
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