Axial high frequency quenching equipment - quenching cracking reasons and preventive measures Foshan constant Yang mechanical and electrical company

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-01
Axial quenching & emsp;   Axial high frequency quenching equipment, is one of the frequently used in the machinery industry equipment, widely used in many fields, but the shaft parts quenching crack appears in the high frequency quenching, heng Yang mechanical and electrical axis high frequency quenching equipment manufacturers today, simple answer to you about the causes of cracks and preventive measures, the hope can in the later work help you.     Axial high frequency quenching equipment appear the reason of quenching crack: & emsp;   1, the shape of the workpiece size is not uniform, unreasonable structure design or complex shape and size mutation or quenching parts processing crude, or grooves, holes, sharp corners, slotting, edge structure factors, such as high temperature or local overheating, especially sharp corners and puncture position, such as thermal stress and organization stress after quenching, quenching cracks.     2, uneven heating temperature, or artifacts of temper, not in time when quenching again, without annealing treatment and direct quenching; Too much wrong selecting quenching medium and cooling rate.     3, due to the too fast or too high heating temperature, cooling too quickly or operation is not standard, improper selection of medium cooler design, uneven cooling, etc.     4, composition content, temperature and pressure of cooling medium selection problems; Mechanical processing before quenching stress is very big, no prior heat treatment, rough machining, there are serious tool marks, etc.     The inner quality defects (5, raw material Organization is not uniform, composition segregation, chunks of non-metallic inclusions, internal cracks and severe mesh or banded carbide, etc. ) Hardenability, material can be too high, the requirement of the carbon content of steel is higher than upper limit.     Axial high frequency quenching equipment for quenching crack of the above reasons, the following precautions should be taken: & emsp;   1, improve the structure of the artifact, before quenching parts there is no burr, serious scratches, the hole with copper plug plug, adjust the temperature or slow heating, avoid the happening of the bad design.     2, the reasonable choice heating specification, strengthen the inspection of raw materials, strict control of the steel composition, thus for forging or spheroidizing annealing processing.     To deal with the stress annealing before 3, induction hardening, eliminate stress concentration parts such as scar; After high frequency quenching tempering in time, can be used in furnace or self tempering, normalizing or annealing after high frequency quenching.     4, all the technical requirements of control cooling medium comply with the provisions of the process, if necessary to carry on the process test, improving the design of the sensors and cooling systems, make a blowhole layout reasonable, choose the appropriate cooling medium, reduce the pressure of spray water.     Axial quenching producers also have a lot of problems to be pay attention to, after all is in a high temperature environment, we have to put in place the problem of security, if you want to learn more, attention to heng Yang mechanical and electrical. Guangdong foshan high frequency quenching equipment gear shaft type quenching machine tool quenching machine tool axis type semi-automatic quenching machine tool spindle quenching equipment high frequency induction quenching furnace in guangdong foshan high frequency quenching equipment gear quenching machine tool axis harry's long axis ( Tube) Kind of intermediate frequency conditioning quenching tempering heat treatment equipment
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