Attention should be paid to what melting furnace in melting metal

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-17
Melting furnace said everyone was estimated, mainly in many metal smelting, many need to make container or architecture, are all need melting furnace after processed into solution, in into container it curing formation, such as the process temperature is very high, accidentally will appear problem, the phenomenon of words will appear in a severe injury, so it is important to note that when using melting furnace factory today, tell you what to pay attention to what. Melting furnace in melting metal should pay attention to what? At the time of melting metal, join one or more of gold element, to meet customer specifications of steel on the production of finished products, all of these are melting furnace is used to operate. In many cases, deoxidizing and alloying was conducted at the same time, adding deoxidizer in steel consumption part to the inside of the alloy oxidation, after turn will change from DNA content, also in order to let absorbed by molten steel, so that better absorption of the alloy. Note before the deoxidization operation is not yet complete, can add alloy, at the same time so that we can better melting. Using new type of anti-scaling, closed water cooling system, scale impact cooling of the cooling system. Scale effect on copper pipe usage is very large, it is directly changed the working temperature of copper tubes. USES the new type scale, traditional furnace cooling loop in the induction coil, water, cable, which contains a lot of ions, produced by the method of some existing scale, scale inhibition effect on the cooling water is not very obvious. The close loop cooling system. Sensor cooling water shall be clean without impurities, thus greatly improving the service life of the sensor. But make sure the quantity of added in smelting, to meet the requirements of the finished steel composition of standard case, add operation. More than a bear and failure loss is very big, so adding control mainly from ingredients to produce steel of each link, especially the control of alloy composition.
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