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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-28
With the continuous development and progress of modern society, technology constantly improve the level of industrial modernization and the rapid development of domestic and foreign manufacturing, continuous annealing equipment has been widely applied in industrial production. So as to improve the plant production efficiency, reduce the production cost, and make the processed parts to improve the performance of progress. Ceaselessly as the heat treatment technology of mechanical parts become more automation and flexibility, using induction annealing parts of species and varieties also in unceasing increase. Domestic machinery factory, especially the parts of the joint venture with a foreign machinery factory are successively introduced all kinds of induction annealing equipment. Through continuous learning and grope in recent years, domestic manufacturers can basically grasp and application of various induction annealing technology. In order to meet the mass production of many kinds of parts, in the process of production the kinds of induction annealing equipment, also began to slowly from the traditional special equipment to flexibility degree higher universal equipment, and the direction of automatic production line for annealing. In recent years, successively appeared special transfer and multi-axis machine back, with the development in the direction of the flexible general annealing machine, a annealing device can realize the performance requirements of different parts for induction heating annealing. Heng Yang induction heating equipment manufacturers, we have induction heating annealing equipment core technology, according to the needs of users, developed different types of annealing equipment, fully meet the demand of user customization, constantly strengthen research and development at the same time, increase more and better equipment for the general customers, welcome to visit companies, proofing, purchase. Copper pipe annealing equipment - Automatic control system for high frequency annealing equipment - online Energy conservation and efficient local annealing equipment - to save power Continuous annealing equipment - was widely used Low consumption - good quality high frequency annealing equipment High frequency annealing equipment - German induction heating core technology Uniform annealing annealing equipment - metal Don't worry about cracking deformation of high frequency annealing equipment factory - Professional focus
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