Aluminum shell and intermediate frequency induction furnace

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-30
Aluminum shell out medium frequency induction furnace technology encyclopedia foundry of intermediate frequency furnace general tonnage how answer: my company one and 12 t, 30 t last month, the average power consumption is 667 kw per ton, large-tonnage power factor is low and medium frequency furnace must be reasonable to control the power factor, otherwise, the lower but electricity power consumption while will be fine, it's not like that. Intermediate frequency furnace is present and smelting metal in the future the trend of The Times, has the advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection, general won't be eliminated. The aluminum shell furnace. Medium frequency induction coil, furnace replacement cabinet that need to be replaced, please answer: increase the rated power of the control cabinet must be at least 250 kw or more, that you open the original control cabinet, SCR, copper platoon, capacitance, there are not enough, all to increase, control circuit should be good. Or get a new save trouble, and warranty. Induction furnace steel shell than aluminum induction furnace save electricity? A: technically correct. However, due to constitute yoke of silicon steel sheet heat is big, need water cooling, although focused part of the magnetic field, but the is used up by the loss of silicon steel sheet, so the induction furnace steel shell than aluminum shell induction furnace does not omit report, please. Tell from the energy conservation, aluminum shell induction furnace shell without water cooling, the steel shell of the furnace shell, yoke needs to pass. Industry energy saving 'twelfth five-year' plan target answer: in the iron and steel, non-ferrous metals, petrochemical, chemical, building materials, machinery, light industry, textiles, electronic and information industries, vigorously promote energy structure, according to the circular economy concept, optimize the industrial structure and spatial layout, push upward downstream integration, energy industry. Mouth is red, aluminum shell of intermediate frequency furnace is why aluminum shell out a: medium frequency induction furnace is the furnace mouth refractory material has a problem, or too thin. 2 tons of induction furnace power? Aluminum shell out a: medium frequency induction furnace 2 tons of intermediate frequency furnace, melting aluminum shell with 250 kw intermediate frequency electric furnace, also known as the intermediate frequency induction furnace. Aluminum shell and a half tons of intermediate frequency electric furnace standard size chart aluminum shell out a: medium frequency induction furnace is too heavy for your stove main purpose? What are the requirements? We are do the stove, look have the opportunity to cooperation. Stainless steel in medium frequency furnace shell and aluminum shell which good aluminum shell out a: medium frequency induction furnace aluminum shell of the individual feels is still relatively good, stainless steel although the appearance is good-looking, can practical difference, also easy to fever, is a hidden danger to the operator, you can go to the website of the divine radiation electric furnace top search the relevant information, believe that will find details of both comparisons. Intermediate frequency induction furnace probably how many money a: 15 t steel shell, aluminum shell, melting speed requirements, series and parallel resonant. Taizhou auspicious furnace industry equipment factory? A: taizhou auspicious furnace industry equipment factory is 2012 - 04 - 10 in taizhou of jiangsu province jiangyan city registered a sole proprietorship enterprise, the registered address is located in jiangyan district along ge Lian Village town. Taizhou auspicious furnace industry equipment factory in the unity of the social credit code/registration. Aluminum shell of medium frequency induction furnace out intermediate frequency electric furnace, technical data, wenzhou, yuyao, casting manufacturer in gainesville area? Aluminum shell and intermediate frequency induction furnace out a: ningbo yuyao gainesville, many private enterprises foundry, intermediate frequency electric furnace are basically 'ningbo divine radiation electric furnace co. , LTD. ' procurement 'cost-effective' high reputation is very good drive along the road in the past, is so you can find this way of casting industry is prosperous. Steel structure medium frequency induction furnace and induction furnace aluminum shell. Steel shell 'aluminum shell of intermediate frequency furnace smelting time what is the difference between a: smelting time generally have a direct relationship with the size of the power, there is no connection with steel or aluminum shell shell. Medium frequency induction furnace with magnetic yoke are magnetic? A: of course not magnetic, magnetic field (itself does not produce Magnetic field lines) , only the lines of magnetic force in magnetic circuit transmission of soft magnetic materials, magnetic yoke used generally higher permeability of soft iron, A3 steel and soft magnetic alloy to produce, in some special occasions, yoke also useful ferrite materials to manufacture. Medium frequency induction furnace with magnetic yoke, the main is permeability function, the simple metaphor yoke. Medium frequency induction furnace melting furnace shell when how hot a: how much of a stove, if aluminum shell, very normal, steel shell, should be designed and manufactured in the process, a bit of a problem, is caused by the magnetic field induction. The protection of the medium frequency induction furnace equipment system debugging points which aspects? Answer: the steelmaking furnace according to the heating mode can be divided into resistance heating, electric heating, induction heating, electron beam heating, etc. Modern metallurgical plants commonly used electric furnace steel-making arc furnace and induction melting furnace, etc. Steel making arc furnace steel-making arc furnace electric system debugging of electrical equipment mainly include electric furnace body, short_net, electric furnace transformer, high voltage switch equipment, automatic electrode lifting adjustable. Taizhou vibration xin industrial furnace manufacturing co. , LTD. ? A: taizhou vibration xin industrial furnace manufacturing co. , LTD. , is 2014 - 12 - 12 was registered in jiangsu taizhou jiangyan co. , LTD. ( Natural person sole proprietorship) , the registered address is located in taizhou city jiangyan district GeZhuang Village Zhang Dian town. Taizhou vibration. Whether of precoated sand belongs to the category of the casting conditions do not allow access to aluminum shell out a: medium frequency induction furnace casting access main concern is the scene of the management, environmental protection measures, energy efficiency, etc. If the orb sand coated sand process, completes the old sand regeneration, can achieve full with full recovery, waste sand less emissions, as well as good product quality.
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