Aluminum rod forging heating furnace more save electricity - low carbon green environmental protection Foshan constant Yang mechanical and electrical company

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-30
Countries have been urged the green environmental protection, a lot of mining, building materials, metallurgy, heat treatment industry also gradually following the national policy, a spirit of low carbon, green environmental protection concept design improvement of the new bar appeared annealing furnace, the main implementation of various kinds of metal heat treatment, instead of the traditional heat treatment equipment can not meet the requirements. One, new aluminium rods forging heating furnace performance, green environmental protection advantages show 1, aluminum rods forging heating furnace used advanced selectivity and electromagnetic induction principle, through the intermediate frequency electric current will be placed in metal workpiece heated to the required temperature heat treatment of induction coil, workpiece contour artistic, the heating effect is very good. 2, aluminum rod heating production line configuration automatic feeding, automatic blanking mechanism, equipment automation production ability, reduce the workpiece transport time, improve production speed, more favored by the masses of users. 3, aluminum rods forging heating furnace is equipped with advanced PLC control system, the heat treatment effect is good, and the precision control, heating workpiece efficiency is as high as 85%, reduce energy waste, saves the electricity. 4 complete production line, aluminum bar heating system protection, over-current, over-voltage, overheating, water shortage, lack of equal does not represent any parameter automatic alarm system, personnel guarantee operation safety. 2, low carbon, green aluminum rods forging heating furnace price pricing standard 1, do manual work is: aluminum rods forging heating furnace process requirement, the more complete, the equipment work more excellent, the price will be higher. 2, quality: the quality of equipment has two effects on the price, one is equipment quality, the better, not only improve the utilization rate, use process more reduce the parts wear and tear, reduce downtime, increase production, prolong service life. Second, good quality, low carbon, environmental protection, more in line with national requirements; But generally good quality equipment prices will be higher, after all, a price a points goods. 3, the marketing way: each manufacturer has its own set of sales way, eclectic, decided to aluminum rod heating production line the price will be high and low range is given. Three, foshan heng Yang machinery will more can realize green on the other hand, the manufacturers have their own independent heating bar production line research and development center and production base, complete supporting facilities, plus with medium and high titles of technical personnel dozens of people, so the manufacturer aluminium rods forging heating furnace work more mature, avoid making unreasonable, the increasing pollution to the environment; Exquisite technology introduced from abroad before and after the factory on the other hand, to determine the induction heating equipment to high technology content, not only to increase production, and more able to achieve low carbon environmental protection; Want to know more about welcome to visit, exchange. Intermediate frequency forging heating furnace in metal forging forging heating furnace profile - have more advantages How to choose the intermediate frequency furnace guangdong frequency characteristics of forging heating furnace equipment
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