Aluminum alloy melting furnace - No one can keep the automatic type - actual operation Foshan constant Yang mechanical and electrical company

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-30
Aluminum alloy melting furnace - No one can keep the automatic type practical aluminium alloy melting furnace heating speed faster, less air oxidation carburizing, because the intermediate frequency induction heating for the basic principle of electromagnetic induction furnace, its calorific value because the steel itself, cause the temperature faster heating methods, there is very little air oxidation, heat rate, processing repeatability is good, the metal surface can only very mild bleaching, mild fine polishing can make surface repair bright mirror glass, and then reasonable in consistent stable raw material properties. Foshan aluminum alloy melting furnace aluminum melting furnace automation technology level is high, no one can keep the automatic type operation, improve labor efficiency. Heating well-balanced, temperature control and high precision heating well-balanced, table to ensure that the heating steel core temperature difference is small, according to the temperature controller of temperature control, ensure the product precision. Aluminum alloy melting furnace of induction heating furnace conversion is simple, according to the production and processing of steel specification is different, need to be equipped with different types of induction heating furnace design of the furnace wall all have water and electricity engineering joint, making furnace wall conversion is simple, rapid and convenient. Aluminum alloy melting furnace equipment aluminum melting furnace equipment maintenance of the equipment complete sets of temperature, pressure, over voltage, over current, the limit of repression, phase number, starting current, constant current power supply and cache starting the machine equipment is stable, on maintenance, smooth operation. Low energy consumption, zero pollution, heating rate, compared with other heating methods, reasonably reduce the energy consumption, high labor efficiency and zero pollution, machinery and equipment, accord with environmental protection regulations. Medium frequency melting furnace - Precious metal melting furnace - key operating procedures Manufacturer of professional custom production of molten aluminium melting furnace Meet the environmental requirements of copper melting furnace - Medium frequency power supply small furnace melting fast - The computer automatic control system
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