Aluminum alloy melting furnace - How to improve the thermal efficiency, reduce the energy consumption

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-28
Along with the rising cost of electric energy directly, geographical environment, regulation of ascending slowly, how to improve the thermal efficiency of aluminum alloy melting furnace, reduce the energy consumption, long into many aluminum smelter enterprises pursue perfect * one of the guiding ideology. Convenient for people to grasp the deep aluminum platform gold smelter jealous all sorts of heat gains and spending, improve the thermal efficiency of bath furnace, reduce the system energy consumption, an organization in China some aluminum company the thermal process for aluminum alloy melting furnace inspection and analysis. Aluminum alloy melting furnace test standard. Specification according to 0 ℃ temperature, standard pressure by a standard atmospheric pressure, fuel burning values at low hot value calculation, test standard to the smooth operation of mechanical equipment, no large mechanical equipment and operation process of production safety accident, under continuous inspection three days, every day inspection, group 2 per furnace inspection data information content. Aluminum alloy melting furnace measuring method of the thermodynamic process calculation according to the core of the test data, in addition with the control data information content assist, if different production process requirement, unable to get data testing, information content, using data control testing equipment in the thermal process, inspection using the experiment instrument, the car dashboard are in the valid period of metrological verification, the measuring instrument machine equipment for the pitot tube, micro pressure gauge; High and low temperature infrared thermometer: power law fluid sampling and detector; DE diagram flue gas analyzer and service facilities, machinery and equipment; Anemometer. Mercury thermometer. Surface thermocouple and the large digital display table service facilities; Armored thermocouple and the digital display table service facilities. Aluminum alloy melting furnace - Aluminum alloy melting furnace - electromagnetic induction blender No one can keep the automatic type operation
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