Aluminum alloy melting furnace - Electromagnetic induction agitator

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-30
Electromagnetic induction mixing technical is the present stage of aluminum smelting technology, in the use of China's nonferrous metals industry for nearly 20 years of history. With aluminum alloy melting furnace to the development trend of import substitution and the casting quality of metallurgical industry, environmental protection and energy saving, environmental protection rules, such as electromagnetic induction mixer has increasingly become necessary machinery and equipment for production of aluminium and aluminium alloy profiles. Aluminum alloy melting furnace of electromagnetic induction agitator structure: aluminum alloy melting furnace electromagnetic induction mixer by induction switch, high frequency switching power supply and cooling water system software. Electromagnetic induction mixer component is the key work of transformer core and electromagnetic coil winding induction switch, the electromagnetic coil winding consists of rectangular cross-section hollow box air conditioning copper pipe insulation, fixed in the periphery of transformer core. High frequency switching power supply is caused by frequency converter three phase alternating current. Electromagnetic coil winding selects the closed-loop control of cooling water cooling, in order to avoid the electromagnetic coil winding overtemperature destroyed. Agitator of the cooling water system software includes a closed-loop control of filtered water control circuit, a heat exchanger, and an industrial production water control circuit. Aluminum alloy melting furnace equipment aluminum melting furnace the principle of electromagnetic induction mixer: makes the electromagnetic induction furnace bottom stirrer installed in the bottom of the furnace, so as to enable the electromagnetic field of agitator through the aluminum melt, mixer at the top of the furnace bottom made of a non-magnetic stainless steel plate, electromagnetic induction mixer in the work zone category limit again here. When induction switch electromagnetic coil into the high-frequency electrical flow, will cause the travelling wave electromagnetic fields, travelling wave electromagnetic field across the furnace bottom and efficacy in the aluminum melt, the aluminum melt induced electric potential difference and electric flow, induced current cause magnetic field force and electromagnetic force again, make the aluminum melt fitness and stirring. Aluminum alloy melting furnace smelting is contact electromagnetic induction stirring, according to the change of electric flow can adjust stirring force size, change the position of three-phase voltage can change stirring azimuth, the aluminum melt to implement strong stir, stir, stir, stir. The electromagnetic induction agitator can be work under stationary electricity flow and orientation, also can choose the program Settings mixing bearing according to the set time change regularity of transformation. This kind of method can promote aluminum alloy melting furnace molten pool in aluminum melt turbulence intensity, well-balanced melt around the surface temperature quickly, another symmetry aluminium alloy composition, to get good metallurgical effect.
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