Aluminum alloy forging heating furnace - - can be customized demand Foshan constant Yang mechanical and electrical company

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-30
The fierce market competition, demand production of aluminum alloy products production technology for aluminum alloy forging heating furnace manufacturers must to precision, high efficiency, material saving, energy saving and production automation and develop in the direction of specialization, seriation, purpose is to improve product quality, improve the manufacturing accuracy, reduce production cost, improve the competitiveness and market share, increase the economic benefit, and the brand road. Aluminum alloy forging heating furnace production line design key points: 1, combination of blanking die of several institutions portfolio requirements should be solid and reliable, compact structure, as far as possible shortened the distance between mouth out with cutting blade, reduce the loss of the heating bar after heat and must ensure that installation, easy to change mould, so the combination of blanking die design is the key to the whole automatic blanking device. In order to ensure precision blanking, the combination of blanking die design in USES 'enclosed guide guide', 'cant compound supercharged, leverage institutions', etc. New design scheme. 2, in order to realize automatic blanking, aluminum alloy forging heating furnace feeding frame adopted the 'double cylinder cap feeder conjoined', 'double cylinder pinch roller feeding structure' design, requirements when rigid transmission signal, compound supercharging pressure, double cylinder pinch roller must loosen the stop feeding; Right now, after completion of material, slice blade lift, compound supercharged institutions must loosen, at the same time double cylinder must pinch roller compaction feeding; When feeding the rack bar quickly to send out, detection device transmitting, namely by the automatic turn over material storage, to ensure the continuity of feeding. In order to reduce the production cost, improve product precision forging, foshan heng Yang aluminum alloy forging heating furnace adopts advanced technology, full automation operation, easy to operate security, according to the characteristics of aluminum alloy, developed the suitable forging furnace equipment, to meet the user's special processing technology, if you are considering buying the forging heating furnace, might as well to know we heng Yang company, we are the source factory, meet the demand of your custom, the key is no middlemen to earn price difference.
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