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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-30
The reason of aluminium alloy forging furnace heats sensors are: one is caused by sensor coil itself exists resistance of active loss and make the heating coil, 2 it is in the crucible melting furnace charge by the lining to the sensor transmits heat loss. Sensors must be through the cooling water ( * widely used) Or cooling air ( Rarely use) Will cause the loss of heat out, to ensure that the sensor suffered damage from overheating. Here is the calculation of water cooling process.     Due to the aluminum alloy forging furnace heat sensors to get quite is xie, in order to ensure the coil temperature is just right, often have to put on the electric to be segmented is cooled by the coil in series.     Aluminum alloy forging furnace induction coil steel tube cross-section of the inner hole of winding sensor of copper pipe inner hole shape either square or round, therefore, are selected after copper pipe specification, click the calculating formula of rectangular or circular cross section is easy to calculate the cooling water flow rate. Usually 1 ~ 1. 5 m/s, * should not be more than 2 m/s.     Four times the size of aluminium alloy forging furnace tube hole area. In addition to the pipe hole Zhou Changre for mesh, such as it is aperture dynamic coefficient of viscosity of water, 2 meters per second. Their values vary with temperature, according to the average temperature of cooling water flow sensor, should be appropriate increase the flow velocity of water, reduce the cooling water temperature, or increasing the cooling water outlet temperature, necessity, still can increase the sensor of copper pipe inner hole section.
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