Alloy melting furnace safety operation regulation

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-29
Alloy melting furnace in operating time, need to understand the characteristics of the alloy material, can not optional for charging. In order to protect the operator safety in life should be performed in accordance with the relevant provisions. Alloy melting furnace safety operation regulations ban will damp of furnace charge, fluxing agent to join in the alloy melting furnace hearth; Use ladle lining has defects or damp ladle for molten iron; Found lining has serious damage, still continue to smelting; Mechanical shock to blast furnace lining; The stove in lishui cooling water running; Liquid iron or furnace structure in the case of no grounding operation; In the absence of normal electric Ann home chain running protection; In the furnace under the condition of electricity for charging, ramming solid charge, sampling, add a large number of alloy, the temperature measurement, grilled slag, etc. As is necessary in the case of electricity to the above some homework, should take appropriate safety information. Melting furnace work, must be carefully monitoring furnace smelting process of metal temperature moderate, accident signal and cooling water flow rate. Alloy melting furnace stove power factor adjustment to close to 1, the three phase current balance of basic. Sensors such as export water temperature should not exceed the value of the design. Cooling water temperature limit a Yin is a sensor of the condensation for the conditions to determine the outer wall is not, that is cooling water temperature slightly higher than the surrounding air temperature. When this condition cannot meet the sensor surface condensation, the sensor also greatly increase the risk of breakdown. The chemical composition and temperature of molten iron after reaching requirements, should timely power outages and iron. Furnace for melting billion, should keep some up molten iron liquid as a furnace, when the number of liquid and 60% rated capacity of the stove, the stove run economic effect is good. Due to the production conditions, can't keep so many iron liquid, but at least keep the rated capacity of 20 ~ 25% liquid iron. In order to protect the alloy melting furnace hearth, charging to put a layer of base with a small piece of material before. Alloy melting furnace melting period, should be regularly check the nozzle performance, fire should be full, oven door should be closed, don't open the oven door. After the furnace charge all flat, should strengthen the stirring, to speed up the melting and prevent metal hot spot, stirring every 10 ~ 15 minutes time, stirring number 3 ~ 4 times, stir must be complete and thorough, smooth, no sea waves. After the ceasefire, should stewing furnace more than half an hour, so that the melt temperature uniformity. In order to reduce the oxidation of aluminum solution, inspiratory, should try to shorten the solution in the retention period of furnace, aluminum melting rapidly. To accelerate the melting process, should first join the medium degree, low melting point back to the furnace charge, so as to form a molten pool as soon as possible at the bottom of the crucible, and then add the aluminum ingots, to slowly immersed gradually expand the molten pool, accelerating melting; In a melted, a major part of furnace charge and add high melting point, small number of alloy element, temperature, stirring to speed up the melting, and then cooling, pressure into the easy oxidation of the alloy elements.
Collectively, the effect of electric melting furnace aluminum on industrial society has been to eliminate induction melting machine and drastically reduce the time long associated with induction heating furnace for forging.
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