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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-20
Induction heating equipment new technology and new technology of heat treatment began to widely used at home and abroad, the new technology and new technology of heat treatment by using induction coil electromagnetic induction heating of steel is very strange and impress people equipment, it has quick heating, irregular quenching, energy conservation, environmental protection, convenient online production and processing, mechanical automation etc, quickly accepted by quenching annealing heat treatment plant. Induction heating surface quenching is relatively good a surface quenching method, therefore, universal attention and widely used. Compared with the traditional heat treatment, it has the following advantages. ( 1) Induction heating belongs to the direct heat source heating, heat loss is small, thus faster heating, high thermal efficiency. ( 2) Heating in the whole process, because the heating time is shorter, less parts surface oxidation decarburization, compared with other heat treatment, parts not qualified rate is extremely low. ( 3) High hardness on the surface of the parts after induction heating quenching, heart keep good plasticity and toughness, low missing L] Sensitivity, so the impact toughness, fatigue strength and wear resistance are greatly improved. ( 4) Induction heating equipment is compact, small footprint, use a very simple ( The convenient operation) 。 ( 5) The production process of environmental protection, no high temperature operation, good working conditions. Induction heat treatment new technology and new process used for various of quench is as follows: 1, the rail length span medium frequency induction hardening for dozens of rail quenching production line at home and abroad to use, to improve the service life of the rail by more than double, application of this technology and expand to other railway parts, such as rail and wing rail, etc. 2, PC architectural steel production technology at home and abroad for the PC steel bar induction hardening technology application development trend from single frequency for dual-band, from the development trend of single wire production and processing for double line production and processing, decrease of energy consumption index, a company of from 7 to 13. 5 mm construction energy consumption has reached 304 kw & # 183; H/t3, induction hardening steel pipe butt weld this processing technology mainly eliminate the butt weld stress and smoothing groups, to prevent segregation area hard point influence the service life of the steel tube, several companies have engaged in this industry at home and abroad, the great majority of all equipment is technology at home and abroad. 4, auto parts, induction quenching car CVJ bell shells, three column sliding sleeve, the wheel hub inner race and many other parts of induction hardening equipment and processing technology localization of all new turnkey project. This kind of domestic components to meet the needs of the domestic automobile industry rapid development trend and self-sufficiency. 5, roll double-frequency induction quenching and quenching equipment has been able to homemade dual-band power source at home and abroad, roll double-frequency quenching has been carried out in multiple metallurgical industry factory production and processing, the tooling spray quenching liquid ring has carried out the technology improvement, obtain actual effect. Foshan city heng Yang mechanical and electrical equipment co. , LTD. , is the earliest development of high-frequency induction heating equipment manufacturers, gathered a number of specialized is engaged in the induction heating equipment, senior experts research, design, production manufacturing, sales and service in one of the private high-tech enterprises. Has a strong technology research and development capabilities, rich in high frequency machine equipment design experience, and in the national regions is complete after-sales service system, enabled us to win the trust of many well-known domestic enterprises, experience for them to provide quality products and services, welcome to visit company.
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