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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-11-17
The IBGT module inverter technology of high frequency induction heating power supply & emsp; High frequency induction heating power supply a miniature adopted IBGT module and inverter communication technology of induction heating equipment, it has high efficiency and energy saving, safe and reliable and easy to operate and so on outstanding characteristic, mainly used in metal material mechanical parts workpiece heat treatment!     Structure features: & emsp;   Adopted the IBGT module and converter technology, that is, all soft switch control variable flow control technology, in this kind of technology, power and frequency conversion control independently, using IGBT power components and soft switching technology and amorphous inductance of high frequency chopper circuit to adjust power, using IGBT series resonance and frequency automatic tracking technology for high speed and more precise control of soft switch inverter process, make the equipment under the more powerful the work reliability is greatly increased, solved the equipment in the breakthrough of more powerful, to ensure the equipment under high power still have temporary work load rate and the reliability of 100%. High frequency induction heating power supply & emsp;   Product prominent features: & emsp;   High efficiency and energy saving: more than 60% than the electron tube high frequency device can save electricity & emsp;   Safe and reliable, high pressure, can 24 hours of continuous work & emsp;   Special light: the smallest is the size of computer case, weighing less than 20 kg & emsp;   Installation is simple: only connect power and water pipe & emsp;   Easy operation, simple operation easy to fit without any experience teaching personnel 10 minutes can easily use the product use the high frequency induction heating machine as follows: the main purpose of metal heat treatment, hardening, tempering, annealing the metal, metal, metal heating, metal brazing, silver soldering, brazing, metal hot forming, metal smelting, metal preparetions plastic, etc.     Above is about the miniature of high frequency induction heating power supply is introduced, the product can work under high power, and will not affect the stability, the user can also adjust circuit power, also want to know more information will pay more attention to heng Yang electrical equipment website!
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