A use of the medium frequency induction melting furnace

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-05-07

Medium frequency induction melting furnace? Is a kind of very common in industrial heating equipment, it can be used in steel melting work, in the iron and steel smelting industry, the use of the equipment, can improve the work efficiency, its widespread use, development provides important help for smelting industry. Medium frequency induction melting furnace is a use of the medium frequency induction melting furnace with high efficiency production, smelting cycle can be reduced to 35 minutes. In order to make the fire power wider, must remove slag as soon as possible. Slag separator or artificial slag effect is poor, long hours, poor working conditions. To this end, this paper proposes a from furnace slag method, after the furnace after 20 - 25 degrees, through the furnace slag at the top of the tank will pour into the truck. This method is convenient and fast. The medium frequency induction melting furnace must be repaired after the movement. In order to shorten the replacement refractory lining of downtime, must adopt the method of mechanization. Vibration furnace building machine and lining injector has become a major part of the large medium frequency induction melting furnace. When lining refractories was not fully cooling, can be launched on line, further shorten the maintenance time, improve the working environment. Arrange production schedule flexibility is bigger, melt large elasticity of operation. Power frequency induction melting furnace for continuous work, not suitable for air furnace, because discontinuous work increase cold start, which not only increased the melting time and energy consumption, and every time you need to use the boot block. If you use medium frequency induction melting furnace time is short, can not use the starting blocks for cold starting. Hot metal can be poured out of the oven. Replace the burden is very convenient. For in a short period of time for the material replacement and arrange production. Mainly responsible for part of the manufacture of non-standard equipment, casting iron and steel metallurgy industry demand is big, small batch and many varieties. Medium frequency induction melting furnace before put into use in the preparation and inspection must be conducted. First check and clear the induction coil turn-to-turn, surface and bottom of the iron filings and conductive dust; Second check lining at the bottom of the crucible and slag line damage, crucible furnace taphole and if there is a crack lining joint; Third, check the scale. CIBLE should fill the appropriate furnace charge, open the outer circulating water valve, to ensure that the water distributor hydraulic table knowledge expression. To meet the design requirements, should also look into the water temperature, induction coil temperature, upper and lower water temperature, short circuit ring ring temperature, etc. , to ensure normal operation of process each link; Check the water tank, if lower than the normal water level, water level should be added to ensure e reached upper limit, check whether there is any damage on the pipe, aging, leakage and other problems, timely find problems to solve. Start the circulation pump, contained in the medium frequency power supply inlet pressure gauge indicating no less than 0. 1 million mpa. After the commissioning oil pump, ensure the tilting device and smooth and flexible operation of the furnace cover.
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