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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-22
Induction heating equipment is a kind of three-phase alternating current (ac) power frequency, after rectification into direct current, then laid adjustable current, direct current supply by the capacitor and inductor in the flow of alternating current, generate high density magnetic field lines in the induction coil, induction coil, and cut the metal blank, produce a lot of eddy current in the metal blank. The vortex also has some properties of intermediate frequency electric current, namely the metal itself free electrons in the resistance of the metal body flows to generate heat. , for example, put a metal cylinder has alternating medium frequency current in induction coil, metal cylinder has no direct contact with induction coil, electric coil temperature is very low, but the surfaces are heated to redness, and even melt, and the redness and melting speed as long as adjust the size and the strength of the current frequency can be achieved. If the cylinder on the coil center, surrounding the cylinder temperature is the same, the cylinder heating and melting did not produce harmful gases, light environmental pollution. Induction heating equipment is widely used in forging, casting, heat treatment, mechanical thermal processing, powder metallurgy and other fields. Intelligent induction heating equipment: a new generation of intelligent induction heating equipment, adopts digital control circuits, high precision temperature control, accurate control IGBT passing zero in the switch state, main circuit resonance frequency automatic tracking, can according to the change of the workpiece automatically adapt to the load to ensure that the circuit is in a state of resonance, make the induction heating equipment output efficiency is extremely high. Intelligent induction heating equipment has the following characteristics: a: control core part: generally adopts world advanced high speed digital signal processor ( HDSP) As a special chip, and use the auxiliary processor. Two: inverter device, generally USES efficient rapid resonance control mode, the inverter efficiency is more than 95%, the host power factor greater than zero. 9. Three: induction heating equipment with the combination of air cooling and water cooling structure design. Four: control mode: full digital efficient fast resonance, can adapt to all kinds of parameters of sensor, intelligent equipment power supply are embedded digital PID temperature control module. Five: induction heating equipment with IO interface: analog output, analog input, output IO and IO input interface, RS232 and RS485 communication interface. Six: communication interface can be connected special data recorder. Seven: adjusting mode power regulation: stepless adjustable, can adjust from 0% to 100%, resolution using 0. The level of 1% or 0. Level of 01%, the output stability can reach 0. 3% or 0. 025%. Induction heating equipment is how to convert electrical energy into magnetic energy of metal heating heng Yang induction heating equipment energy conservation and environmental protection? Heng Yang induction heating equipment price is expensive or not? Guangdong induction heating equipment which good heng Yang electromagnetic induction heating equipment of high frequency heating machine more energy-saving province foshan city in guangdong province electric induction heating equipment which good? More reliable brand quality here?
is frequently used by people in daily life since it can improve induction heating furnace for forging and induction electric melting furnace.
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