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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-23
Understanding, found that many domestic heat treatment production base are asked to shut down the rectification, the majority of the induction heating equipment manufacturers appear serious lack of supply, the market appears inductive heating 'hunger' state. 'Always to have the opportunity to prepare the people', in the face of guardianship billet serious vacancy phenomenon nowadays, put the expectant eyes, based on the market, invest early induction heating equipment, heat treatment plant construction of green, environmental protection, high quality, high standard of metal artifacts, inevitably can create higher returns to the user. Second, the induction heating equipment, heat treatment plant is environmental protection small masters in environmental protection under the wind, the core equipment of heat treatment processing metal blank - — The choice of induction heating equipment is very important. Reasonable structure design, originality of the work, the high new technology, make the round steel annealed wire efficient, intelligent, more durable, and unlock new pose environmental protection heat treatment for you. 1, for environmental protection: environmental protection as the core of round steel annealing furnace, the production not caused by dust, noise, using non-contact form of heating, thoroughly implement the clean job site. 2, for smart endorsement: using the high and new technique of inductive heating design, round steel annealed wire operation more intelligent, remote computer control heat treatment site, without the site operation personnel, work flexible, safe, stable and reliable. 3, for longevity glory: durable, wear-resistant steel building, combined with the production technology of originality, attentively, ensure quality round steel annealing treatment furnace, prolong service life and failure rate was lower than those of the old heating equipment. Three, buying environmentally friendly induction heating equipment where to unlock new green posture of round steel annealed wire where to buy? Manufacturers there are on the market, or to foshan heng Yang machinery factory, of course, strength, word of mouth, and one of the steel annealing furnace, model of comprehensive, perfect, 360 ° all-round guarantee customer benefit. About how to choose and buy equipment, you can through various channels to buy: 1, the traditional way: buy directly to manufacturers and field survey, understand the production workshop, commissioning, customer site, such as paper contract with manufacturer, to complete the whole process of purchase. 2, convenient way: the company's web site ( www。 hairuituo。 com) By telephone, communication with the customer service staff can buy your demand. Round steel annealed wire, unlock new posture, environmental protection heat treatment is a new heat treatment plant purchase goal, it not only can build green, intelligent heating of the scene, at the same time produce artifacts that good appearance, strong, small deformation, zero defect quality, fully meet the demand of high standard blank, have a good price in the market, to create higher profits for the users, very worth buying! Stainless steel annealed wire manufacturers of stainless steel pipe annealed wire how much equipment heng Yang stainless steel pipe heating equipment to replace traditional old equipment heng Yang innovation stainless steel annealing heat treatment production line with green production of full set of stainless steel annealing production line with down how much Qian Gui not expensive guangdong manufacturer of stainless steel annealing production line which good choose suitable stainless steel annealed wire manufacturers
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