A minute to get to know how the induction heating equipment heating!

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-21
Induction heating is a non-contact heating process. It USES high-frequency electric heat conductive materials. Because it is a non-contact, heating process is not easy to environment pollution by heating raw materials. It is also a heating method is very convenient, because in fact is within the product artifacts caused by the heat. That compared with other heating mode, more, environmental protection, energy conservation, building materials, environmental protection and saving. Therefore, induction heating suitable in many metal conditioning treatment on the industrial production of materials used. Induction heating equipment heating mode is mainly by metal material itself, usually in the induction heating equipment with an electromagnetic induction coil, ac circuit according to the electromagnetic coil in the work force of the electromagnetic coil within the interior space is a very fierce and rapid transformation of the electromagnetic field. Heated products workpiece is placed in the alternation change of electromagnetic field, on the basis of the characteristics of the workpiece material products, heating time will vary, variations in the electrical flow in the electromagnetic field induced product artifacts liquidity. The layout of the workpiece and the electromagnetic coil products can be felt transformer is an electrical equipment. Work in the electromagnetic coil is the key effect of electromagnetic energy transport, and product artifacts is a single turn short circuit fault. This will cause great electrical flow through the product artifacts. This is also called the vortex. In addition, the high frequency induction heating using caused a situation in which is called 'skin effect'. This type of skin effect driving circuit in products on the workpiece surface layer chromatography liquidity. Skin effect improved metal materials reasonable safe passage of large electric discharge resistor. Therefore, it greatly increases the product artifacts caused by electrical discharge heating effect. Induction heating and energy saving of high frequency induction heating machine equipment history induction heating quenching equipment independent innovation and technical guangdong vendors would provide high frequency induction heating equipment life
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