30 kg of medium frequency melting furnace melting copper video case

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-04
Device information overview: 1, the device name: intermediate medium frequency melting furnace, melting copper furnace, dumping type 2, manufacturer: foshan city heng Yang machinery co. , LTD. 3, melting products: 30 kg iron smelting, 4 main use: all kinds of metal melting medium frequency melting furnace. Medium frequency melting copper, die-casting field medium frequency melting furnace advantages: 1, using solid-state IGBT inverter and power regulation, equipment in the design of comprehensive protection function like over current protection, owe water protection, overheating protection, over-voltage protection, short circuit protection, open phase protection, greatly increases the reliability of the equipment; 2, is that there are a variety of display functions such as current, voltage display, time, make the equipment working condition direct, to design and capacitance induction coil regulation more guidance; 3, super small volume, light weight, portable, covers an area of less than 1 square meters; 4, 24-hour melting practice ability; 5, save electricity and energy saving, with electromagnetic stirring ability, more uniform melting. Medium frequency melting furnace USES: 1, the graphite crucible is generally used in melting: copper, aluminum, silver, gold and other metals; 2, magnesia is commonly used in molten iron, stainless steel, and high melting point metal. Proofing molten copper film images:
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